Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America

1775 - 1784

© by Don Troiani
The British Regular Army -  
  Headquarters and Brigades
  Regiments of Foot: 3d to 20th
  Regiments of Foot: 21st to 40th
  Regiments of Foot: 42d to 60th
  Regiments of Foot: 62d to 105th
  Composite Units: Guards, Light Infantry, Grenadiers
  Misc. Units: Mounted, Artillery, Marines, etc.
  Unidentified Units
Loyalist Units  
  Provincial Regiments promoted to
the American Establishment
  Provincial Regiments (A - E)
  Provincial Regiments (F - K)
  Provincial Regiments (L - O)
  Provincial Regiments (P - R)
  Provincial Regiments (S - Z)
  Militia Regiments
  Volunteer Local Corps
  Refugee & Associator Regiments
  The German Auxilliaries  
    Regiments from Anhalt Zerbst, Anspach-Beyreuth, Hesse Hanau, Waldeck
Biographical Information
on the
Crown Forces Generals
  Brunswick Regiments
  Hesse Cassel Regiments [Fusiliers, Musketeers, Infantry
  Hesse Cassel Regiments [Grenadiers, Jagers, Chasseurs, Garrison]
    German Headquarters above Regiment
  Chronological Listing of All Three Groups Combined

Unit histories presented in the British tables are derived from Katcher (1973), Short and Chichester (1900) and for the Guards from Burke and Bass. German unit histories are from Katcher (1973). See Biblio for complete citations.

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