Loyalist Orderly Books

The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies (Tolifals) distiguishes 4 major types of Loyalist troop units. Information on these different type units are summarized below. For further information, go to TOLIFALS.

This website is mainly focused on the orderly books of provincial regiments fighting against Continental Troops in North America (i.e. The West Indies and Canadian Island Provinces are out; Florida, Quebec, Ohio, etc. are in). Only when found, are books of other types of Loyalist Regiments listed.1

  Loyalist Regiment Types
Areas under British Control
Volunteer Local Corps
Refugees & Associators
By Which
C-in-C America
C-in-C Canada
C-in-C Jamaica
some exceptions
C-in-C or
Governor or
Garrison Commander
Pay Status Paid
thru Treasury Office
Mostly NOT paid, except in the Carolinas Might be paid NOT paid
Earn money by
Service or
Clothing From Inspector General of Provincial Forces Mostly did NOT receive, except in the Carolinas Wore Uniform Clothing Mostly w/o Uniforms
Area of Service Anywhere in North America Home Province, some border crossings Home Province ?
1Units which are not tracked because of size or location can be found on the attached list. More information on these units can be found on The On-Line Institute for Advancded Loyalist Studies TOLIFALS.

2Provincial regiments could be elevated in status to the American Establishment, by meeting personnel quotas, and performing valuble services to the Crown. This honor was conferred on only five provincial regiments.

Provincial Regiments
      American Legion       American Volunteers

      Black Hussars       British Legion       Butler's Rangers

      Delancy's Brigade       Emmerich's Chasseurs

      Garrison Battalion       Georgia Loyalists       Guides & Pioneers

      King's American Dragoons       King's American Rangers

      King's American Regiment       Kings (Carolina) Rangers       King's Orange Rangers

      King's Royal Regiment of New York

      Loyal American Regiment       Loyal Foresters       Loyal New Englanders

      Maryland Loyalists

      New Jersey Volunteers       New York Volunteers

      North Carolina Highlanders       Pennsylvania Loyalists

      Philadelphia Light Dragoons       Prince of Wales American Volunteers

      Queen's American Rangers       Roman Catholic Volunteers

      Royal American Reformees       Royal Highland Emigrants       Royal North Carolina Regiment

      South Carolina Royalists       Volunteers of Ireland       West Jersey Volunteers

      1st American Regiment       2d American Regiment       3d American Regiment

      4th American Regiment       5th American Regiment

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