German Auxilliary Orderly Books
Higher Headquarters

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German Divisions
Major General Baron Friederich von Riedesel's Division
LTG Burgoyne's Expedition
  From To Composed of:
Jun. 1777 Brigade von Gall, Brigade von Specht,
COL Breymann's Grenadier's, Major Barner's Light Infantry Battalion,
Capt. Geyso's Jager Company, Prinz Ludwig Dragoons
Major General von Riedesel's Orders
8 Feb 1776 22 Mar 1783 march to Stade, The Convention Army in Virginia, Brunswick troops in Canada †Original: Morristown, Lidegerwood Hessian Transcripts, Letter HZ-2, Microfiche 154-168.
The Brunswick Corps
5 Jun 1776 28 Apr 1783 Quebec, Freeman's Farm, Cambridge, New York, Virginia †Original: Morristown, Lidegerwood Hessian Transcripts, Letter HZZ, Microfiche 217-227.
Major General Leopold Heister's Division
  From To Composed of:
Aug. 1776 Brigade von Donop, Brigade von Mirbach, Brigade von Stirn
General Johann David Stirn
From To Composed of:
Aug. 1776 Fusilier Regiment Erbprinz,
Infantrie Regiment von Donop,
Infantrie Regiment von Mirbach
Brigadier General Johann Friederich Specht
From To Composed of:
Jun. 1777 Regiment von Rhetz,
Regiment von Specht,
Regiment von Riedesel
Colonel Karl Emil Ulrich von Donop
  From To Composed of:
Aug. 1776 Grenadier Battalion von Block, Grenadier Battalion von Minnegerode, Grenadier Battalion von Linsingen,
Capt. Wreden's jaeger company
acting Brigadier General Wilhelm Rudolf von Gall
  From To Composed of:
Jun. 1777 Regiment Prinz Friederich,
Regiment Erb-Prinz
Order Book of General von Gall
28 Oct 1776 19 Jun 1777 Berthier, Chambly, Three Rivers, Cumberland Head ‡Original: Morristown, Lidegerwood Hessian Transcripts, Letter Tom. IX (part 2), Microfiche 363 + 1993 Supp. Also published.16
General Werner von Mirbach
  From To Composed of:
Aug. 1776 Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen, Fusilier Regiment von Lossberg,
Grenadier Regiment Rall

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Higher Headquarters

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The Regiment


1st Regiment       2nd Regiment       Jaegers

Regiment von Voit       Regiment von Seybothen

1st Anspach Battalion       2nd Anspach Battalion


Regiment von Ehrenkrook

Regiment Prinz Friedrich       Regiment von Rhetz

Musketeer Regiment von Riedesel       Mustketeer Regiment von Specht

Light Infantry Battalion von Barner       Grenadiere Battalion von Breymann

Dragoon Regiment Prinz Ludwig

Hesse Cassel

Fusilier Regiment von Ditfurth       Fusilier Regiment Erbprinz

Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen       Fusilier Regiment von Lossburg (alt)

Musketeer Regiment von Bose       Musketeer Regiment von Donop

Musketeer Regiment von Mirbach       Musketeer Regiment von Turmbach

Musketeer Regiment von Wutgenau       Musketeer Regiment Erbprinz

Musketeer Regiment Jung von Lossburg

Musketeer Regiment Landgraf       Musketeer Regiment Prinz Carl       Musketeer Regiment Prinz Frederich

Lieb Infantry Regiment       Combined Regiment von Loos

Grenadiere Regiment von Rall      Grenadiere Regiment von Trumbach

Grenadiere Regiment von Wollwarth      Grenadiere Regiment d'Angelelli

1st Battalion Grenadiere von Linsingen

2nd Battalion Grenadiere von Block       2nd Battalion Grenadiere von Lengerke

3rd Battalion Grenadiere von Lowenstein       3rd Battalion Grenadiere von Minnigerode

4th Battalion Grenadiere von Graff       4th Battalion Grenadiere von Koehler

4th Battalion Grenadiere von Platte

      Chasseurs       Jaegers

Garrison Regiment von Benning       Garrison Regiment von Bunau       Garrison Regiment von Huyn

Garrison Regiment von Knoblauch      Garrison Regiment von Porbeck

Garrison Regiment von Seitz       Garrison Regiment von Stein       Garrison Regiment von Wissenbach

Hesse Hanau

Free Corps of Light Infantry       The Regiment


3rd Regiment

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