Search Tips

This search engine is set to do the following searches:
1. Search by unit name:
     e.g. "German Battalion" or
     "1st Pennsylvania."
Yields a list of all orderly books for that unit.
2. Search by commander's name:
     e.g. "James Clinton" or "Heath."
Yields a list of orderly books for units commanded by that officer, or his headquarters books.
3. Search by place:
     e.g. "Fort Ticonderoga."
Yields a list of all orderly books datelined at that location.
4. Search by M&R number:
     e.g. HH-23A-01.
Yields the single entry requested.

Some Notes:
1. Capitalization doesn't matter. boston, Boston, and BOSTON will all yield the same result. 
2. Spelling does matter. This search engine does not have a wild card, nor will it find words within words: wild will find wild, but not wildflower, or wilds.
3. The search results come out in a no particular order.
4. Clicking on the blue underlined headers on the search results page will bring you to an intermediate file, and then, after 9 seconds, will switch to the appropriate "state" orderly book table segment.
5. The search results pages, like any web pages, are printable, as also are the intermediate pages.
6. We have tried to keep file sizes small, so some information is spread between files. The "state" pages, those reachable from the orderly book menu, contain the brigade a unit was in (if we can document it). The Chrono and Source sort pages contain the surname of the commander in place of the brigade. The intermediate pages contain the full name of the commander.
7. The search results page also opens a new option: the ability to search within the results: e.g. a search for "butler" yields all units commanded by a man named butler (and any place names that may include "butler"). This can be further refined by checking "search within results;" and e.g. the "butler's" can be further searched for "zebulon"
8. The web server of the search engine appears to "time-out" after a few minutes of inactivity. If you get less than 20 matches, this is not a problem. If you click to move to a second or higher page of results, and you get a message that says "No results match," you have been timed-out. Use your browser's "Back Button" to return to where you orignally entered the search and repeat the search. If you get more than a single page of results, be aware that time-out is a problem and move between search results pages every two to three minutes in order to keep the search results alive.

Common Mistakes:
 Search term  Search result Solution
1. new windsor Yields all books for all units with new or windsor in the title, and all places containing new or windsor. Use quotes: "new windsor," or select "Search EXACT phrase" on the search menu.
2. connecticut Yields all books for all units with Connecticut in their title and all locations containing Connecticut; e.g. Connecticut Farms in New Jersey. If you want all the books for units originating in Connecticut, go to the Connecticut state page.
3.    3 Jun 1775
Yields no matches at all. Dates are not searcheable; use the "Chrono Sort" pages.
4. "danvers historical
Yields no matches at all. Source institutions are not searchable; use the "Source Sort" pages.

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Last updated: 18 April 2001.