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Educator Resources

Teach-nology, the web portal for educators.

Genealogical Sites

Heritage Quest is more than a genealogical site. There is a great amount of data of use to the historian. We both are members to take advantage of the microfilm rental program. Their microfilm collection is superb, and it's all for rent. If you have access to a microfilm reader, then this is the place for things like: Compiled Service Records (NARA M-881); Revolutionary War Rolls (NARA M-246); Numbered Record Books {see orderly book listings}(NARA M-853) and much, much more.

Family Tree Maker is a commercial software company for organizing genealogical info about your family. But, the site goes way beyond this. They have a great listing of CD-ROMs containing primary source information. Of particular note are the Pension Applications from the Revolutionary War veterans, many state's individual soldiers' rosters, and related historical documentary sources.

Higginson Books has an extensive listing of American local and county histories, reference books, and research aids. They specialize in hard to find, little known references which contain a wealth of information for the historian.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) have recently put their extensive genealogical database online. If you are looking to trace a family member or a historical figure, this is an excellent place to start.

This is a commercial site selling information abstracted from the pension records. Without buying their books, though, one can still search their online pension record index to determine if pension records for the person you're interested in exist. Then you have the choice of buying their abstracted information or getting the full pension records from the National Archives.

Instructions for requesting forms to obtain a Pension File or Military Service Record from the National Archives can be found online.

Links to Pages of Revolutionary War Links

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Umbrella Groups

The Brigade of the American Revolution is an umbrella organization for reenactor units. Its website contains links to member organizations' webpages. These pages usually contain unit histories, uniform and equipment specifications, a schedule of their activities, and photos of the reenactors in camp and field.

The Northwest Territory Alliance is another Revolutionary War reenactor umbrella organization. Its website contains good brief histories of the member organizations and some interesting material on reenactor clothing and equipment. There is a good links list on the site to battles, battlefields, historic sites and to research sources.

The British Brigade is the last of the major umbrella groups for the Revolutionary War period. Again, lists of units and their histories are well worth exploring.

Continental Army Reenactors

French Army Reenactors

Volontaires-ètrangers de Lauzun, also known as Lauzun’s Legion

Militia Reenactors

THE GEORGIA REFUGEES recreatingCaptain John Cunningham’s Company, Colonel John Dooly’s Regiment of Wilkes County, Georgia Militia

Loyalist Reenactors

Major Zaddock Wright's Coy., Peters' Corps, Queen's Loyal Rangers.

Captain Justus Sherwood's Company, Peters' Corps, The Queen's Loyal Rangers.

British Army Reenactors

The 4th Company, Brigade of Guards in America, LTD, represents a company of soldiers of the various Guards regiments that served in the American War. The site holds a wealth of information about the service of the Guards in America and about the war in general.

His Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot.

German Auxilliary Reenactors

Societies and Associations

The Society for Military History

The Company of Military Historians

Sutlers and other Merchants

Historical Art Prints features the artwork of Don Troiani. Virtually all of the soldiers' portrait illustrations on our site were 'loaned' to us by Don. We are much indebted to him, and hope that you'll visit his superb site.

Najecki Reproductions specializes in uniform and equipment items needed by both the British and American reenactor community. The website has excellent photos and drawings to document the authenticity of the reproductions sold. Roy provided some of the button illustrations used in compiling our site.

Prints George is a great source of 18th century prints. There are a few campaign maps from the Revolution available, too. The site owner, Bob Whitworth, has a remarkable sense of humor, and even if you aren't in the market for some prints, you'll love his clever use of the English language.

Military Warehouse is a wholesaler to sutlers. So why put him on a links page? If your sutler doesn't carry his items, and you need them, you can put the two in touch. That's why.

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