“Necessarys … to be Properley Packd: & Slung in their Blanketts”
Selected Transcriptions of 40th Regiment of Foot Order Book

Transcribed by John U. Rees
(With thanks to James L. Kochan)

Background notes, information on the tactical situation, and methods used in transcribing this book are available here.

"Regl Orders 12th May 1777 the Non Commisned officers of Each Compy Will ... Imeadaitley ... Receive thier Trowsers and Hatts agreable to the Returns given in — these Hatts to be Cut Round, Lased and Cocked as Swon as Posable --- [Regimental orders, 22 May 1777] ... Corpl. Gregory ... being Employed on putting Bands to the Mens Hatts, the whole to be uniformly done agreeable to a Pattern he will be shewn — The Mens Trowsers to be delivered to them to Morrow, but on no Acct. to be Worn till there is an Order for it —" A private of the 40th Regiment light company, autumn 1777. He wears the campaign dress of cut-down hat, short jacket, gaitered overalls, and blanket sling instead of knapsack. "British Light" by Pamela Patrick. Used with permission. ©2000 Pamela Patrick, this is NOT free artwork. Visit Pam's website.

[Partial page or pages missing; the first order is undated and incomplete.]
... the Regiment to Praid [parade] to Morrow at a 11 Oclock with Armes and Accouterments and Necessareys in Order to their Being Revewed by their Officers

Head Quartrs Amboy 20th. Apr[il]. 1777
F[ield]:O[fficer]: For tomorrow Nights Picqt. Lt: C[olonel]: Markham Adjt. and Quar: [quarter guard?] 40th Regt. 40th & 46th Genl: Vaughans orderly — 55th Lt:Col: Mawhood’s
         The 17th & 40th for Exercise to morrow Morning at 7 oClock
         Major Genl: Vaughan desires his thanks may be given to, Lt: C Millan actg Majr. of Brigade’s, Lieut. Stanley 55th Regt: Ensn. Angus McDonald 71st Regt: Capn: Abertie and Lieut: Abertie of the Waldeck Regt: And the Soldiers under their Command for their Alertness and Conduct this day when the advanced posts was attacked by the Rebels — [Likely the action of this date near Piscataway, New Jersey.]

R[egimental]:O[rders]: [20? April 1777] For Picqt: this Night Capn: Montgomery Lieut. Campbel & Ens: Cheshire —
For the Day to morrow Capn: Mostyne & Lieut: Moore
Lieut: Moore being Absent with Genl: Vaughans leave Ens: Dennis is for the Day tomorrow —

Morning Regll: Orders 26th April 1777
Areturn to be giveing in Immediately by each Company of the Numr: of Blanketts Wanting to Compleat each man with one for the Ensuing Campaign Exclusive of those belonging to the Barrack beding — Likewise Returns of Arms and Accoutterments Agreeable to Aform that each Compy: will Receive from the Qr:Masr:... The Womens names of each Compy: to be put on the Back of the Provision Returns for the future And the Numbr: of Children they have that are Victeld: Opposite their names
         Serjt: George Geraur is Appointd to the Majrs: Compy: and he is to do duty and be Obeyd: as such — the Other six foreing Recruits (Including one Left sick at Portsmouth) to be drawn for this day by the following Companeys Viz. The Generals two — Lt:Conls:—Capt: Wemyss' — Bamfords & Moystans one each
         The Above six Recruits being drawn for they are to joyan their Compy as follows Viz Gotlieb Newman and Fergan Neubauer the Generals Compy   Gotlieb Bullow the Lt:Corls: — Conrade Otto Capt: Wemyss — Laurintuis Ellgin capt: Bamfords & Christopher Schubert Capt: Moystans / they are to be subsistd: the same as Orderd: for the Other German Recruits till the pay Master settles and gives in their Accompts — the Qr:Mr: will Isue Cloathing for the Above Serjt and Recruits (Except for Gotlieb Bullow, of the Lt Conl:) he not haveing Joy[n]d: Yet, and the Master Taylor will have their Cloathing Cut and fittd: Immediately and all the Serjts: are to be done in the same manner directly After / The Adjt: to have the Non Commissd: Officers and men out this After Noon at 5 Oclock for Exercise
         The Battn: to parrade to morrow for A revew of arms Accouttermts & Necessareys at 11 Oclock —

Head Qrs: 27th: April 1777
         Parole Bermuda
F[ield]:O[fficer] For Picqt. to Morrow nigt: Liet: Conl: De Boreback Adjt: and Qr:Mr 55th: Regt: the 40th: and 46th: Regments Genl: Vaughans Orderleys 55th: / Lt: Conll: Mawhood the 3rd: Battn: 71st: the Genls: Guard 17th: and 40th: Regments for Exersize to morrow at 7 Oclock
         Genll: Vaughan Recommends to the Field Officers when on duty to be Very Perticular in Visiting the several posts and Centereys during the nigt:, and will for the future Report to the Genll: in Writeing Mentioning at what times the[y] went their Rounds, and anything Extraordinary that may have happened:
         The Offiicers when they goe on duty are to go round with the first Relief of Centereys to be present when the Orders are Deliverd to them, by the Corpr[al]: of the Old Picqt. and Positivly Careful in Explaining Every Part of their duty to them —

Head Qurters Amboy 28th April 1777 —
         Parole Frederick
Field Officer for to morrow Ni[gh]ts Picqt Majr Broadstreet Adjt and Qur.Mastr 1st: Battn 71st 2nd Battn of 71st Genl. Vaughans Ordleys 17th Coll Mawhood 17th Regt.give the Genls Guard
46th. and 55 Regiments for Excirise to Morrow Morning

Head Qrs: Amboy 30th: April 77 …
         The Commander in Chief Desires His thanks may be given to Leiut: Gilfilan Acting Majr: of Brigade Leiut: Stanley 55th Regt Ensign Angus M’Donald of 71st Regt: Capt: Albertie & Leiut: Albertie of the 3rd: Regt: of Waldeck, and the Soldiers under their Command for their Spiritd: Beheavour and good Conduct near perth Amboy in the Jerseys on the morning of ye: 25th: Inst: —

M[orning]:R[egimental]O[rders] 1st: May 1777 —
         Effective lists of the Non Commissd Officers and men of each Compy: to be Given in to the Adjt: at 5 Oclock this Evening as they stood 25th: April 1777 with Areturn of ye: Non Commissd: Officers & men (Serjts, Corpls, Drumrs, & Private men) that are now Prisoners with the Rebbles
         The last Batch of Foreing [foreign] Recruits to be Insertd: in the Above lists …

[Army Orders] 1st: May 1777
         Areturn of the wounded Killd: & Missing of each Corps on the Expedition [25-27 April raid on Dannbury, Ct.] undr: the Command of Majr: Genll: Tryon, to be given in to the Depuaty Adjt: Genll: to Morrow at Orderly time —
         Areturn of the Volunteers of the Army, with the dates of their Respective Service are to be given in as soon as possible …
         The Powder Barrels Isued: to the Regts: are to be carefully Retur[n]d: to the Ordanance — The Qr: Masters of Corps are to be Responcable that this Order is complyd: with —
         Mr: Jno: Belchier is Appointd: Surgeons mate in the Genll: Hospll:
Signd: Stephen
Kemble D[eputy]:A[djutant]: Genll:

Head Qrs: May 2nd: 1777
         Parole New Castle
F[ield]:O[fficer]: For to morrow nights Picqt Leut: Conll: Mawhood    Adjt: and Qr:Mr: 46th: Regt: two Battns: 71st   Genl. Vaughans Orderleys 17th:    Lewt: Conll: Mawhood the 1st Battn: 71st Genll: Vaughans Guard     the 46 & 55 Regts: for Excersise to morrow morning at 7 Oclock
         The Genlls: Guard to be Postd: at the Subbaltrans post at the shade to the Left of the road leading from the Gail [i.e., jail] and to Consist of A Non Commissd Offcr. And six Private[s] till further Orders —

Regtll: After Orders [2 May 1777] 8 Oclock at nig[ht] 1 Capt: 1 Subbaltran & 50 private[s] [have] been Orderd: from the Regt: as A reinenforcement to the Picqts: this night …

Head Qrs: Amboy 3rd April [actually May] 77 … The Field Officer to Attend posting the Centreys, and to Observe that they are all Doubld: this to be done at six every Evening the Adjt: of the day will likewise make Himself Acquaintd: with all the posts & therefore Attend the Field Officer, the Sdjt: will Report to the Genll: on his Return home —

R[egimental]:O[rders, 3 May 1777] …
The Catriges: [Reported?] unfitt for service to be given in to the Qr:Mr: and ye: Companys will Receive Servisable Cartriges to Comp[lete] each man to 60 Rounds — this to be done Very Early to morrow morning
         The Regt: to Parade to morrow morning 3/4 before seven Oclock for Exersize, no Person to be Absent but the sick

Head Qrs: N: York 2nd: May 1777
         The Commander in Chief Returns his thanks to Major Genll: Tryon, to the Genll: Officers, and to all the Other Officers under his command, on the Last Expedition [in Connecticut, 25 to 27 April] the Regularity of the men Reflects Credit on the Discipl[in]ing of the Army and does them great honour — The Spiritd: charge of the Troops with their Baynotes, upon the Enemy Coverd: with walls & Fences previous to their Reimbebakation [i.e., re-embarkation] Suffuctintley proves the Evidant Superiorty of His Majesty.s troops and Afords the greater Satisfaction to His Excellency … The Commanding Officers of Corps will give Orders for Immidiately prepareing at as little Expence as Possible the Tents they have in Store that are worth it …

Heade Qrs: Amboy 6th: May 1777 …
All Necessary Houses to have earth thrown on them dailey, and to be filld: up and new ones dug every Saterday …
B[rigade]:O[rders]: …
... Many of the German Recruits of the 4th Brigade haveing lately Desertd, Luit:Conll: Mawhood Directs that they may be put toGether to sleep in one or more Rooms which rooms are to be lockd: at 8 at night and Opend: at Revaelley beating in the morning that their names may be calld: Over Every hour During the day, that their Necessary may be kept by the non Commissd: Officers that if Any of them are not yet Accompted with, that to be done Immediately, that the Articles of war Against Desertion to be read to them together with these Orders, this Evening for which porpose they are to be Assembld: at the parade of the Regt: at half past five & That they be told the reason they are treatd: in this manner is because of the frequen Dsertion Among them at the same time they are to be forbid going to the Waldeck Regiment —

6th: May 77

The Qr: Masrs: of Corps are to be Responsible that all the empty porter butts are Returnd: to the Commissy Genls: Store …

Morning Regimental Orders 8th: May 1777
         The Commanding Officers of Companeys that have not Receivd: their Non Commissd: Officers and mens shoes of the Cloathing 1776 to give in Areturn this day to the Qr:Masr: of the Numr of pairs Wanting to Compleat their Effectives that are Intitld: to them and not haveing Recievd Any with the Cloathing of that Year —
         Any of those shoes that has or that may Hapen to be given Otherwise must be Chargd: to and pd: for by the Company that the[y] have been deliverd to — Each Company will keep an Account of Hatts given to those men that have receiv'd them before as part of their Cloathing 1776, as all so circumstanced must pay for them

Morning Garrison Orders 9th: May 1777
Areturn to be given in Immediately to the Adjt: of the day of the names of the Carpenters and Smyths in the several Corps in a Garrison they are to be Employ’d in making tent poles —

R[egimental]:O[rders]: [9 May 1777] …
         Each man to be provid. with Two pr: of Woolen Socks which can be made from Old Stockings and the Ofrs: Comm[andin]g Compys: will see that they are ready to produce as part of their Necessarys on Thursday next — The Commanding Offrs: of Compys: will give into the Qr: Mr this day Areturn of their Present Effectives for linnen Trowzers which he [will] Deliver to Each Compy. to morrow at 12 Oclock — The men to be properly fittd: with A pr: of each and their names Wrote on them, to be ready to [be] Isued out on the Shortest notice

         After Regl Orders    7 at Night [10 May 1777]
         A Return to be given immediatly from each Company to the Qr. Mr. of the Number of Shoe soles and heels wanting to Compleat each man with a pair to take with him the Ensuing Campaign
         The Regt. to parade to morrow Morning at 11 oClock with Arms, Accoutrements & Necessarys in order to be inspected by their Officers — The Necessarys to be carried in their Wallet and slung over the Right Shoulder —
         The Non Commiss'd Officers & men reported sick in Quarters to parade on the left of the Regimt.
         The Pipe Clay to be brought this day from Staten Island to be divided in eight Equal parts and each Company to get a dividend it is hope'd the Compys: will make better use of this than they did of the last —

After Regt: Orders 5 Oclock Afternoon [11 May 1777]
The Regt: to parade to morrow morning for Excersize at the same hour as in Orders for this day [i.e. 1/4 before 7 o'clock] no person to be Absent, Excepting the sick Taylors & those on Duty

Garrison After Orders 8 OClock 11th May 1777
Gill Private Privat soldier in the 46 Regt. is to be Executed to Morrow Morning between the Houres of 10 and 12 OClock in Persuance of the sentence of A Genl Court [Ma]rtal — Heald at Perth Amboy on Munday Last — the Whole Garrison to be Under armes to Morrow Morning at 10 OClock Exsept such as are on or for Duty / the[y] are to Praid on the Road betwen the Park pf Artillery and the Advance Posts — the 4th Brigade on the Right then De loos Battn the Wall Dick Battaloms and on the Left the two Battalions of 71st / the Whole to face to Wards Wood Bridge the Prisnor will be Marched along the front of the Line After Which a Circle to be form'd Round the Place of Execution / A Detachment from the 46th Regt With the Provest Martaill to Receive the Prisnor at the [illegible word] and to Conduct him to the Place of execution

Head Qurters Amboy 12th May 1777
... All the British Regiments in Garrison to send Imeadatley for thier Camp Equipag to be in Red[y]ness to Take the Field on a Minutes Warning

Regl Orders 12th May 1777
the Non Commisned officers of Each Compy Will Atend the Qurter Master Imeadaitley to Receive thier Trowsers and Hatts agreable to the Returns given in — these Hatts to be Cut Round, Lased and Cocked as Swon as Posable —

Morn.g Regl. Orders 7 OClock 13th. May 1777
         An Effective Roll of the Non Commissd. Officers & [me]n of each Company as they stood the 24th of last Feby specifying their number of Prisoners & those on the Recruiting [ser]vice to be immediatly given into the Adjutant
         The Regiment to parade a quarter befor ten for [exe]rcise, no person to be absent Taylors, sick, those on [an]d comming off duty excepted

B[rigade]: :O[rders, 13 May 1777] Lt:Conll: Mawhood Recommends to the Officers Commanding the several Regts: of the 4th: Brigade to practice the men in firing ball By platoon sub & Grand Divisions & by Battn: and this to be done by word of Command and on Uneven ground so as to Accustom the men not to fire but when Ordd: and not Only to Levell but to be taugt to fire up and down hill
         He Also Recommends that two good New pair of shoes and one pr: of soles and heels be providd: for each man against the opening of the Campaign —

B[rigade]:O[rders] two Oclock     14th May 1777
         The 4th Brigade to parade tomorrow morning at 8 Oclock each man to have 6 Rounds of his worst ball Cartriges
         They are to parade with their Necessarys and blanketts neatly packd. up

R[egimental]:O[rders     14th May 1777
         Each Compy. will immediately receive from the Qr. Mr. Serjt. 26 Slings & Wallets to put the quantity of Necesareys Intendd. to be Carrid. to the field Viz 2 shirts   1 pr. of shoes & soles   1 pr. of stockings   1 pr. of socks shoe Brushes, black ball &c Exclusive of the Necessareys they may have on (the[y] must be packd. in the snugest manner & the Blankts. done neatly round very little longer than the Wallets) to be Tyed. very close with the slings and near the end — the men that are not provided. with A blankett of their own may make use of one [of] the Cleanest Barrick Blanketts for to morrow —
         The Six Cartridges to be put in the mens Boxes to morrow morning that and the belt that Carreys the Bayonet will be the Accoutterments they are to parade in to morrow — The Cartridge Box to be slung Over the left shoulder —
         The Regt. will parade to morrow morning at 1/2 past seven to be in Linnen Trowzers which are to be returnd. Again

[Re: British Soldiers and Blanket Slings. Some campaigning British troops, officers and enlisted men alike, began using blanket slings (also known as tumplines) in 1776 in lieu of knapsacks. American surgeon Dr. Benjamin Rush had an opportunity to view the British army after the Battle of Brandywine (11 September 1777). While visiting American wounded near the battefield, he noted "One of the [British] officers, a subaltern, observed to me that his soldiers were infants that required constant attendance, and said as a proof of it that although they had blankets tied to their backs, yet such was their laziness that they would sleep in the dew and cold without them rather than have the trouble of untying and opening them. He said his business every night before he slept was to see that no soldier in his company laid down without a blanket." L.H. Butterfield, ed., Letters of Benjamin Rush, vol. I (Princeton, N.J., 1951), pp. 154-155.

Re: British light infantry cartridge boxes. At some time before September 1777 numbers of British light infantry soldiers began using American cartridge boxes, perhaps because their original boxes held fewer rounds (see final line of quoted passage). 16 September 1777 (“Battle of the Clouds,” White Horse Tavern) “The Army march’d in two Columns & join’d at Goshen Meeting House, after halting to refresh the Men, mov’d on again in the same Order, the Patroles having fallen in with a party of the Rebels — the Advance of both Column[s] soon had a remarkable successful skirmish, the 1st L.I. kill’d wound’d & took 50 Men with the Loss of one Man wounded — the Yagers were equally fortunate — these were Corps pushed forward by Washington to impede our Advance when to his great Astonishment he heard of our Approach & to gain Time to Retreat — a most heavy Rain coming on frustrated the good Effects which were expected from this Capital Move & sav’d the Rebel Army from a more compleat Over throw than they had met with at Brandewine / the Left Column headed by Sir Wm. Howe encumber’d with all the heavy Cannon, Baggage, &ca in a narrow Broken Road, & tired Horses was incapable of proceeding & notwithstanding the impatience of Lord Cor[n]wallis to Attack the General found himself under the disagreeable Necessity to order him to halt — the Violence of the Rain was so lasting that it was afterwards known the Rebels had not a single Cartridge in their Pouches but was Wet, the [British] Light Inf.y Accoutrements being mostly Rebel were in the same Situation” 1st Battalion Light Infantry, anonymous journal,12 February 1776 to 30 December 1777 (possibly kept by the adjutant of the 28th Regiment, as per Stephen Gilbert), document #409, Sol Feinstone Collection, David Library of the American Revolution, Washington Crossing, Pa.]

Head Quarters Amboy 17th May 1777
           The Regimts. in Garrison are not to fire any more Powder & ball with out the Genls. leave
           The Corps in Garrison to give in as soon as possible Returns of Ammunition wanting to Compleat each man to 60 Rounds

After Regl. Orders — 6 oClock [17 May 1777]
... The Officers Commanding Companys to have the mens Pouches so fitted to the Sling that the Bottom of it may not hang lower than the under looping of the Back Skirts of the Coat, this to be done immediatly

Brigade Orders [18 May 1777]
The Regimts: of the 4th Brigade to draw up in a line as follows 50 Paces between each Regt: 40th. 55th. 46th. 17th. and to be told off in eight equal Sub Divisions, and the two Center files of each Sub Division

In two lines

55th Regt: & 17th Regt
40th            & 46th Regt

A Space equal to the front of a Battn. and 100 Paces more between the 2 Regts. of the first line, the s[e]cond line one hundred Paces in the Rear of the first line
         Unless ordered to the Contrary all Motions & Manouvers to be taken from the Right & fixing and Returning Bayonets Priming and loading, firing or Ceasing to fire ordering, shouldring, Piling up Arms, Marching, halting &c
         In Marching in line to the front or rear, an Officer to be advanced a few Paces, between the 46th & 55th / He will Conduct the line of March, & [the] whole looks to the Center Marching by the Flanks in whatever form the leading Regt. Marches — those that follow, marching in the same form whether it be by files, or Sub, or Grand Divisions, or by Battalions
         If one Regimt: or the whole Brigade has March'd from the Right, and is order'd to form to the left the whole wheels together and Dress to the Right, if ordered to form to the right, the leading division wheels to the right [and] every other Division passes that which is in front of it, & then wheels and dresses to the right / if the line Marches by the left, these Directions of Course to be revers'd
         In Marching by Sub: or Grand divisions it is expected that the Officers be very Attentive to preserve their exact distance, from the front Rank of the proceeding division —
         If the Brigade is ordered to march from the Center by divisions the 46th. leads from their left the 55th. from their Right, the 17th. from their left and the 40th from their Right
         In forming Column [from] the Center as above, or in forming the line again the Regts: to do it by obliqueing / If Marching by Divisions neither Rank or files to keep too Close — No fifing or Drumming but when order'd

After Regl. Orders 7 at Night [18 May 1777] …
The Regt: to parade to morrow Morning at 11 oClock with Arms, Accoutrements & Necessarys in order to be inspected by their Officers — The Necessarys to be carried in their Wallet and slung over the Right Shoulder … The pipe Clay brought this day from Staten Island to be divided in eight equal parts and each Company to get a dividend it is hoped the Compys: will make better use of this then thay did of the last

Brigade after orders [18 May 1777]  8 oClock at Night
         The Brigade to parade to morrow Morning at 7 oClock with the two six pounders at the same place they paraded the last time they were out
         The Waggons of the Brigade to assemble at the Waldeck Barrack and march in the Rear
         Such Officers as want green Forage will send their Servants to cutt it
         A Capn. two Sub[alter]n. and 50 men from the 4 Regimts. will make the advanced and rear Guards and the flanking party — This Detachment to fall in, in front of the Brigade — No Blankets or Necessarys to be taken out
         A Non Commissd. Offr: and six light Dragoons to march with the Brigade
         It is expected that either an Adjt. or an orderly Offr. of each Regimt. be mounted whenever the Brigade goes out

R[egimental].O[rders]. [18 May 1777] Fore men of Each Compnay to Attend at the Regmental Stoor at 12 OClock to Receive ther Proprotion of Camp Equ[ipage]...
         The Serjeants to give in thier Swords that they may [be] sent there [New York] at the same time [as the Arms Chests]

Head Qrs: Amboy 19th: May 1777 … Genll: Vaughan Desires that the Commanding Officers of those Corps Whose Centreys this morning Acting so Very Unmillitary as to fire upon a [friendly] patrole will Reprimand them and he hopes for the future they will be more Carefull of any thing of the kind

A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders, 20 May 1777] The Regiments to Encamp to morrow morning at 9 Oclock
         The two six pounders to go with the 4th: Brigade the two three pounders with the 2 Battns: of the 71st: Regt: — the straw on Board the sloop to be taken up to the Ground to Morrow morning at 8 Oclock by the Wagns of the Regts: who are to Encamp...
         Genll: Vaughan Desires the Command Ofrs: of Corps will pay the greatest Atention to the Cleanliness of their men and their Encampment...
         As soon as the Regts: are Encampd: the[y] are [to] throw flushes [i.e. fleches, a fortification with two faces and an open rear] at the Advancd: posts And each Regt: at their Qr:Gd: And that proper places be fixd: on for Kitchens & Necessary Houses …

R[egimental]:O[rders]: 20th: May 1777
A non Commissd: Ofr: of each Compy: to Atend the Qr:Mr: to morrow morning at 5 Oclock to deliver up their Barrack Bedding And Utensials
         The Regt: to Parade to morrow Morning at Half past Eigt: with Armes Accoutiments and Necessarys the last to be Properley Packd: & Slung in their Blanketts / the men to Carrey their tents and Other camp Equipage as the Waggons will be Employd: in Carriing straw
         No person will be Excused: but the taylors and those on duty

A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders, 20 May 1777] — The great care to be taken of the straw lately Diliverd: it is to be taken to Camp for the mens tents —

Head Qurs. Amboy 21st May 1777
F[ield].O[fficer]. ... The Retreat to Beat at six OClock...
         The Men are positively forbid to destroy the Pealing [i.e. palings] or Fences in the Neighborhood of the Camp — In Case of an Alarm the Regts. to form in front of the Regts. Encampt.
         The Lt. Dragoons on the left of the Hessian Battn.... The Roll is to be called every two Hours, The Men to be sent for Wood & Water at different times, in a Regular Manner under the Care of a Subn. or Non Commissd. Officer, —
         The Commg Officers of Regts. to see that the flushes [fleches], Camp Kitchens, & Necessary Houses, be made as soon as possible that the latter have Earth thrown over them every Morng. — The Old Ones filld up, & New Ones Dug every fifth day

Camp Near Amboy 22d. May
         As great Disorders arise frm. improper Men from the Difft. Corps being allowed to go to Townn The Commanding Officers are desired, to Pay particular attention that none go whom they Cannot depend upon
         All Centries are to take up disorderly Soldiers on the Road or in Town & all Guards are to put a stop to all Disorders near their Posts

B[rigade]:O[rders]:— [22 May 1777]
         The Regimt. to Compleat their Men to 60 Rounds & after that to give in what Powder & Cartridge paper may remain to C:W of the Royall Artillery...

A[fter]:R[egimental]: Orders [22 May 1777]
... Corpl. Gregory to be excused Duty till further Orders, being Employed on putting Bands to the Mens Hatts, the whole to be uniformly done agreeable to a Pattern he will be shewn —
         The Mens Trowsers to be delivered to them to Morrow, but on no Acct. to be Worn till there is an Order for it —
         Any that have been worn & dirty, to be immediately Wash'd & Dryed
A[fter]:R[egimental]: Orders
         The Non Commd Officers & Men of the Old Quarter Guard, Rear Guard, & Picquets with the Addition of another Serjt. Corporal, & two Men a Compy. to parade at 3 OClock this afternoon to Work at the Flushe [fleche] in the front of the Qur. Guard & the Quarter Master —

Morng. Rll. Orders 23d May —
         All the Pioneers & Drummers to be immediately set to Work in the Clearing & Levelling the Street in front of the Encampmt. as far as the Line of the Parade. — Two Serjts., 2 Corporals with 5 Men from Each Compy. to Parade immediately after Guard Mountg They are to cut down the Wood in front
         The Qr. Masr. must Collect all the Tools he can particularly Axes, he is to superintend the above Work & Report to the Major when it is finished —
         The Men of the Old & New Guards & Picquets, to be Employed in finishing the Flushes, and the Officer of that Guard will please to inspect the doing of it

Head Qrs. Amboy the 23 May ...
The Two Battns: of Highlanders to Parade at 11 Oclock to Escort the Waggons orderd to fetch Straw from the Cross Roads, they are to take the two 3 Pounders with them.
         Two Hundred Hessians to be Accoutred & ready to March if Ordered & to Remain Accoutred till the Highlanders Return —
... All the Tents to be aired this & Every day when the weather is fine

[Regimental Orders, 23 May 1777]
         No non Commissd. Offr. or soldr. to be out of his proper tent of the Compy. he belongs to And [any] found Acting to the Contrary will be punishd. — Any Women Detectd. in bringing Spiritous Liquors to Camp or Selling it to be Immediately Drumd. out of the Regt. & never Allod. to joine it again —
         The Offrs. of the day will see that the Ordr. for Airing the tents is Regularey Complyd. with —
         The Offr. of the Q[uarte]r. G[uar]d. is on no Account to leave it from sun sett till sun rising — And he must be Answerable that they men of [the] Gd. are kept Awake and Very Alert
         The Qr. Mr. will have all the mens tents Uniformly markd. the Numr. of the Regt. 40th. to be first done for fear of Asudden move —
         The Non Commissd: Offrs: and Men to have their Necessareys Constantly packd: in their Wallets ready to sling in their Blanketts which they are to parade with Every morning at troop beating to Acustom them to do it with Readiness and Dispatch The men of the Qr:Gd: to parade when the taps beat to be properly inspectd: and ready to march of[f] Immediately fter the troop has beat —
         The Men to provide themselves with Water for the nigt: before it is dark as no person will be Allowd. to go beyond the Qr:Gd: After the Centrey at the Watering place is drawn in in the Evening

A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders]: [25 May 1777]
         It is recommend’d: to Officers Commandg: Regimts: to have their heavy Baggage Ship’d to new York without Delay. Vessels will be provided to Receive … Eight Men form the British Corps that understand Battowing are to relieve those at Staten Island Ferry, who are to join their Corps immediately.

G[eneral]:O[rders] Amboy Camp 26th: May 1777
         The Vessals for the heavy Baggage of the 17th: 40th: 46th: & 55th: are ready —
         Genll: Vaughan Orders that all stores and Baggage be shipd: this day —
         Fresh Beef for Offrs: & sick will be Issud: this day at 12 Oclock —
         The Army to be compleated to 60 Rounds which they will take perticular care of — They will aply to the Artillery Accordingly that the[y] may be Issued Immediately — ...

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 25th May 1777
         A subaltren 2 serjts: 2 Corprs: & 20 men to Parade Immediately to Cut down the wood in front. They are to be Releivd: by the like Numbr: at 1 Oclock Who are to Continue at work till 4 in the After Noon — A Corpr: & 6 men of the Above numbr: will take their Arms And Cartridge Boxes — A Serjt: & 6 men to be Added for the Rear Gd. Every Evening At Sun seting which Gd: are to furnish the Camp Centreys

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 26th May 1777
         The Regll: great coats to be Immidiately Collected by each Compy: packed up Marked and Brought to the rear of the Majors tent that they may be carried in the Waggon to the Regll. Store at Amboy in Order to be sent to York —

Head Qrs Nw: York 23d: May 1777 … The Commander in Chief Expects that in the several movements of the Campaign the Offrs: will carry no Baggage with them but what is Absolutely Necessary —
         And that Commanding Offrs: of Corps will Atend to Astrict Attendance to this Order And not suffr: the Waggons to be Overloaded as they Frequently were in the course of the last Campaign …

After Regll. Orders 2 Oclock Afternoon [26 May 1777]
         The men of each company with arms Accouterments & Necessaries to fall in every morning in the front line of their own tents when the taps beats to be ready to form the Parade Immediately After the Qr: Gd. has marchd. of[f] — The new Trouzers to be put on this After noon and the Non Commissd: Offrs. and men keeping the three good shirts, two good pr: of shoes   A pair of good stockings & 2 pr: of socks — the Surplus of those kind of Necessaries with their Blue Leggons [and] Briches to be put up with their name on them and the whole of each compy. to be put up in one Bundle with the Capts: name on it, and to be ready for the Waggon to be taken into town this After noon and Embarkd: for York

Head Qrs: N:York 26th: May 77 …
          Those Regiments who have not receivd their Pack Saddles and Sythes [scythes] will Immediately Aply for them at the Qr: Masr: Genlls: store in town …

Evening Orders [26 May 1777]
         The Commissary of Provisions will Isue to the troops in the garrison 2 Days Fresh Beef to morrow Gratis...

B[rigade]:O[rders]: [30 May 1777] Lt: Colonal Mawhood Desires that the Commanding Officers of Regiments of the 4th Brigade will give Directions that a subltrn Officer and a proper number of men may be sent with their Canteens and Camp kittels at 6 oClock Every Evening & Morning to bring Water that they may be march’d … Regularly to And from Camp that if the well be in the front of the Camp Apart of the men will take their Arms with them this to be look’d upon as A standing Order …

Head Qrs: Amboy 31st: May 77 …
         The two Battns: of 71st: Regt: and Majr: Wemyss Corps to practice fireing ball betwen the hours of six & seven in the morning …

Head Qrs: N: York 28th: May 77 …
         Capt: Martins Comy: of Black Pioneers will … land Immediately and Receive their Orders …

Orders 27th May 77
... The Recruits &c lately Arrived from Europe are to be landed as soon as Possible and Join their Respective Corps — their Accomps [i.e. accounts] to be Delivered, Over by the several Offrs: who had the Charge of them

G[eneral]:O[rders] Monthly Returns to be given in to morrow at Orderly time —

R[egimental]:O[rders] For Picqt: this ngt: Ensn: Dennis For the Inlaying Picqt: this night to parade After Evening Roll Calling Lt: Moore for the Qr: G: to morrow Lt: Moore / For the day to morrow Capt: Montgomery & Ensn: Smith

The 44 Recruits that Joind: this morning being drawn for, they are to be Returnd: on the Eigt: Battn: Companeys as follows Viz

Jno. Creed Jno. Warren
Isaac Rowe Jno Washer
Genlls: Jno. Rosewell C: Montgomery Thos Powar
Joseph Redwood Geo. Archer
Robt. Standfast Wm. Brawdie
Archbd. Campble Dennis?] Smith
James Twit
Danl. Gray Wm. Carey
Danl. Galey Jno. Salmond
Lt:Conll: Joseph Tawser C: Bamford Jno. Strong
Wm. Lawson Jno. Lock
Nathenal Prosser Robt. Taylor
Richd. Hewit Joseph Lawler
Majrs. Jno. Haggie Wm. Dennis
Ewd. Genning Adlums Jams. Gray
Jno. Harriot Thos. Doule
Joseph Holdbrook
Jno. Martin
Mattw. Marley Ewd. Cornish
Jno. Richman Thos Gray
C: Wemyss Wm. Walsh Mostans Jams. Whitshaw
Wm. Fisher Wm. Everad
Jno. Fennick Jno. Smith

the Cloathing of the Above Recruits to be Cut and fittd: Immediately and each of them are to be furnished with A pair of N[ew]. Trouzers / The Qr:Mr: will After the Evening Parade Deliver to each Non Commissd: Offr: and man A new Blankett upon their Delivered up (the 44 Recruits and 9 Men of Capt: Adlams Compy: Exceptd:) their Old ones, from which the Qr:Mr: will return the Numbr: Borrowed from the B[ar]r[ac]kM[aste]r: And the Remainder he will send to the Regt: store at N:York by the first Opertunity — The Qr:Mr: will give this Evening to each Compy: A proportion of line for tying up the [?] tents —
         The Non Commisd: Offrs to be Answerable that proper Care is taken of it, And when Ever the tents are struck for Airing, the men be practicd: in packing [and] tyeing them up in the most Compleat manner — The Qr:Mr: will Inspect this & show them the proper Method of doing it.
         Another tent to be Deliverd: to each Compy:
         The Recruits and Aukward men to be out twice A day at the hours that the Adjt: shall think most Conveniant

Head Qrs: N:York 29th May 1777
         All Recruits Drafts and horses from Europe for the use of the Army are to be landed as soon as possable —

30th: May 77
Those Regts: who have Riceivd: men from the Regts: Draftd: & Orderd: to Europe are to send Returns of the same to the Adjts:Genlls: Office specifying the Numr: Receivd: and the Regts: they did belong to that the Bounty of 1 Guinea and A half may be Issued: to such men as have not Alredy Receivd: it — such Invalids [that have] been Examined by the Physicians & Surgeons of the Genll:Hospall: and are Absolutely unfitt for service, and to prepare to Embark, on the shortest Notice, but none are to be sent to England who are Capable of Garrison Duty. such are to be left to take Charge of the Regimll. Baggage
         The Qr:Masters of Corps to Attend Immediately at the Quarr:Masr Genls. Office at New York to receive their Camp Equipage—
         His Majesty has been pleased to form a Corps of Rifle Men under the Temporary Command of Cn. Ferguson 70th Regt. Compos’d of Recruits rais’d for Difft: Regts. Serving in N: America And that those men shall Notwithstanding be Considered as part of the strength of the Regts: for whom they are inlisted …

Morn.g Regl. Orders 2d June 77
         Returns from each Compy. to be given in immedly. of the Names of the men receiv'd from the Regts. Recruits at the Drill not to be put on any Duty with Arms till further Orders —
         Black tape to be provided immediately to tie the Mens Hair —
         NB   It is to be had in Amboy. — The Mens Hair that is not properly Cut to be done this Day — Each Company to give in a Return to the Quarr. Masr. of the Number of Wallets & Slings wanting to Compleat each Man as the whole must have them to appear uniform in the slinging on & Carrying their Blankets & Necessarys — Any of the Wallets or Slings not properly made to be returned to the Masr. Taylor —
         The Major expects that the Offrs. Commanding Companys' will have the Non Commissd Offrs and mens Arms Accoutrs: &c. kept in such good order as to make a Repetition of orders of this kind unnecessary

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders]: 2d. June 77 —
         The Eight Recruits from England who Joind Yesterday are to be Returned on the Companys as follows — Vizt.

Generals — — — James Papes
Lt. Colos — — — James Beckman
Majors — — — John Shannon
Capt. Wemyss's — — Wm. [Trenvorn?]
C: Montgomery — John Gulyn
C: Bamfords Thos. Gill
C: Adlams — Willm. Demmer
C: Mostyns — John Bezzall

The above Recruits Commenced Drawing Provisions this Day —

Brigade After Orders 7 at Night [2 June 1777]
         Lt:Col: Mawhood begs Leave to recommend to the several Commanding Offrs. of the 4th. Brigade that the men may be perfectly keept clean during [the warm?] weather that they may change their linnen three times a week and that such men as choose to Bath, be conductc'd under the care of an Offr early in the Morning, or in the Evening to some part of the River between the Ferry oposite south Amboy and the Church and that the men are forbid to Bath at any other time of the day or at any other place     No Drill after 10 in the Morning or before five in the Evening
A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders]: …
          The two Recruits Geo: Bartholemy and Jno. Dick's who join'd last night being drawn for, the first to be return'd on the Lt:Cols: and the other on the General's Compys. both being victualed up to the 1st June 77 on Ship Board
         Lt: Botine is appointed to Capn: Mostyns Compy: in Room of Lt: Hamilton, who is appointed to the British Addl. Compy.
         The Non Commissd. Offrs. and men of the right wing to parade to morrow Morning at Revailee Beating in order to Bath, if the Weather permitts, The Offrs. of the Day will march to and from the Bathing place

Head Qrs: Amboy 3rd: June 1777...
         The Recruits of the Army to practice ball Fireing between the hours of 6 & 8 in the morning the Offrs: are to Inspect their mens Arms before they leave the field And take care that no man Returns to Camp with his Arms loaded...
         The Commanding Offrs: of Corps to give Orders that the streets in Camp are sweepd: Every day the mens Tents Aird and no filth or Dirt suffered to remain near the Encampment

Head Qrs: N:York 2nd: June 77

5 Waggons will be Allowed to each Battn: And 10 Waggons for each Corps of Gredrs: & Lt: Infantry British, no more can possabley be Allowd: for the Baggage
         The Regts: under Orders for Embarkation will Immediately receive the Names of the several Transports Apropriated to them, on board of which they are as soon as possable to Embark their Camp Equipage Except such Canteens Camp Kettles Hatchets & Haversacks, as their Respective Regts: may be in Immediate want of

After Orders 3rd: June 77

                                    S S C P [subaltern, sergeant, corporal, privates]
         Work [party] of 1 1 1 24 from the 4th: and 6th: Brigade of British to parade to morrow morning at 6 Oclock to be Employd: in Cartridge makeing, the Qr:Mr: of the day will Atend this party Who will Apply to the Barrack Master for Aplace to make the Cartridges in —
         The Recruits of the Regts: are not to fire ball till further Orders

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 4th June 1777...
Conll: Musgrave haveing Joind: the Regiment, all Reports for the future to be made to him.
         The men are Immediately to sett About Cleaning the streets, front & Rear of the Encampment

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders] [4 June 1777]
         The Regt: to parade to morrow morning at 6 Oclock for Excersize Offrs: & men in Trouzers — — — — —

Head Qrs: N:York 3rd: June 77
A Royal Salute of 21 Guns will be Fried: to morrow at 1 Oclock in Honour of His Majesty's Birth day by the Garrison —
         Four Women Pr: Compy: of Companys of 50 & 8 Women Pr: Compy: of Companeys of 100 are Allowed to Embark with their Respective Regiments and to be Victualiid According to the Former Regulations the Remainder of the Women and Children of their Corps will be sent to N:York where Aproportion of Provisions & Qrs: or Old Camp Equipage will be provided them

Head Qrs: N:York 4th: June 1777...
         The 4t Brigade with the 4 6 pounrs to Parade to Morrow Morning at 5 Oclock for Exercise two 6 poun. on the Right and two on the Left of the Brigade
         Twenty Eight men to be given by the Brigade to assist the Artillery Officers 16 of which to Lt: Abbot and 12 to Lt: Lay —
         When the Brigade Moves from the Parade the whole come to the Right about the Right Wing will wheel to the Left by sub Divisions and March Down the wood Bridge Roade to Where the Advance Picqt: use to lay, the Left wing will wheel to the Right by sub Divisions and Move Down the Brunswick Roade and Join the Right Wing where the two Roads Meet then March in one Column till the Line is orderd to form which will be Dne by the whole Comming to the Right a bout
         The Two front sub Divisions taking 50 paces Distance between them and the Rest [and] Obliqueing to the Right and Left outward and Dressing to the Center —
         The Adjutants to be Mounted
         A Return to be given in this Evening by the Commanding Offrs. of Regts of the Number of women and Child they propose sending to Newyork in which their Names are to be Inserted
R[egimental].O[rders]. A Return to be given in to the Qr. Master to Morrow Morning at 12 Oclock of the Number of Cartridges and flints wanting to Compleat each man with 60 Rounds of Ammunition and two spare flints Likeways shoe soles and Heels wanting by them...
         The Regiment to Parade full Accoude to Morrow a Qr. be fore 5 no man to be absented Taylors Excepted

[page missing, date uncertain] ... lly Packed By Companys and Returned into stoer —
         Recruits Napsacks super flous [illegible word] and Baggage to be sent along with them —
         The Men are Regularly Paraded Night and Morning and Marched by the subaltern of the Day for Watter, as its Desired in Bragade orders — The Messes of the Diffre[nt] Companys are to Cook Regularley Every Day at one o Clock in the Kitchen in the Rear of the En Campment and to be Visited by the sub of the Day...

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders]   8 June 1777
         Thos: Webb Arecruit from Briton, Who Joind: the Battn: ye: 4th: Inst: is to be Returnd: on Capt: Moystons Compy: & Commence Provisions in the regt: that day  

[The 40th Regiment light company was embodied on this date under Captain William Wolfe]
R[egimental]:O[rders]   8th: June 1777
         The Commanding Offrs: of Companays Are Desired: to turn out this Evening at Roll Call two of the properest men they have of A twelvemonths standing as Soldiers in the Regt for the Lt: Infantry That Capt: Wolfe may Chuse out the Numbr: he wants to Compleat his Compy: to 50 Rank And File
         The Battn: to Parade with side Arms Only to morrow morning at 6 Oclock for Excersize  

Head Qrs: Amboy 8th: June 1777 …
         A Detachment of two Capts:, 4 Sub[altern]s,, 4 Serjeants And 100 Rank & File to Parade Immediately to Escort Flat Bottom Boats to Brunswick, Capt: Payne will Provide Boats for this Detachment Who are to Return to Amboy as soon as this service is preformed …

B[rigade]:O[rders] [8 June] Three men pr: Regt: for Cartridge making at 6 Oclock in the morning …

R[egimental]:O[rders] [9 June 1777]...
         The Commanding Offrs. of Compys. are Immediately to settle their Accompts With the Qr. Mr. for the under Mentiond. Articles According to the following rate at 4 [shillings]:8d pr Doller

Trowzrs. making &c .......................L 4: 2 1/2
Wallets & Slings. ......................... 2: 2 1/2
Coats Cuting & Mending when at Halifax..... 4 1/2
Do. Do. at Amboy .......................... 10
Diffeichinceis on Breeches cloth
         when at Staten Island. ................ 4 1/2
Do. on Leggons ............................. 3

         An Orderly non Commissd—Offr: to Attend The Cooking And Report to the subaltran of the day the Numbr. of Messes and to see that none of the Kettles are taken Away before the[y] are Visitd by him  

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 3 Oclock [10 June 1777]
Areturn to be given in Immediately by the Different Compy: of the Numr: of men they have sick at York and Those to be left there — The D:Majr: will Proceed Immediately for York with the 6 Boys he returnd: unfitt to march with the Regt this morning
         Drummr: Down is Appointd: to do his duty while Absent  

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders]   11th: June 1777
One Waggon is Allotd: for each Grand Division
         The Commanding Offrs: will draw for them this morning at Roll Call Apoint their Waggoners from the Recruits or Old men that are properest for it and can best be spared out of the Rankes who must be Answerable that the Greatest Care is taken of Every thing Delivered to their charge And it is Desired that the Offrs: will see that the Waggons are not Overloaded when the Regt: comes to move —

Camp Near Amboy 11th: June 1777 …
All the Engrs. tools Except two spades, one pick Ax & one falling Ax to be Deliverd in to Mr Wilkenson (The Above tools to be Carrid with the Regts) at the Engineers Store Immediately …

[One or more pages evidently missing; below are marching orders, probably 11 June 1777]
… The Mounted Dragoons to follow then the Hession Infantry with two Light 12 [pound cannon] in their Front — The 4th: 44th: 15th: 17th: 64th: 38th: 27th: 46th: 10th: 23rd: & 40th: Regts: —
         The Spare Waggons to march Over the New Bridge at Brownswick—
         Two Ligt: 12 [pound cannon] in front of the Hessians / two Ligt: 6 [pounders] in front of the 4th: / 2 light Do: in front of the 17th: / 2 ligt: Do: in front of the 27th: / 2 Light: Do: in front of the 23rd: [and] 2 Ligt: Do: in front of the 40th: —
         Regll: Guns to march in front of their Respective Regts: … The Corps are on no Account to sett fire to the straw or Hut[s] At leaving their Encampment —  

R[egimental]:O[rders]: [11 June 1777]
         The Tents to be struck tomorrow Morning at 2 Oclock & Waggons loaded Immediately and wait for the marching of the Regt: An Offr: from each Division to Enspect the loading of them
         A Serjt:   Corpr: & 18 Men for the Baggage Guard — The present Qr:Gd: will form the rear one on the march
         The Qr:Mr: to Deliver 2 days Provisions this Evening to the Differant Compy:
         The pork to be Cookd: Immediately After — One days rum only to be Issued: which the Offrs: will see Mixd: with 3 Watters put into the Canteens this Evening at sun set and giveing in Charge to the Different Non Commissd: Offrs: Ready to be Deliverd: to the men before the Regt: marches in the morning
         Immediately After Evening Roll Call the men are neatly to pack up their Blanketts   Necessareys &c in Order to be Enspectd: by their Offrs: in front of their tents before dark —
         It is Recomend: to the Offrs: paying Compys: to send A non Commissd: Offr: to town this Evening to purchase soap for their Men such as have not Already done it  
A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders] [11 June 1777]...
         One Capt: and Sub[altern] from the line with Anon Comisd: Offr: & 10 men from each corps to form the Baggage guard to morrow —
         The men are to Carry the Camp Kettles & Tent poles on the march —
         The Picqts: & Qr:Gds: to join their Corps at 1/2 past 2 in the morning
         The Regulated Number of women Only to be with the Army and they are on no account to be with or near the ranks of the Regt: on the march
         It is particualrey Recommend to the Offrs: to pay the greatest Attention to the men on the march that Strict Regularity may be Observd. …

Morning]:Regimental]:O[rders] 12 June 1777
         So soon as the men have put up their arms in the Bell Tents they are to parade in Order to be marchd: for watter by the Offr of the day
... The Regt: to parade for Roll calling both morning & Evening as Usal  

Morning Orders Brownswick 13th: June 77
         The Troops that are not Already Victuald to the 16th: Inclusive are to be [illegible] when the undermentiond Regts: are Orderd to move they are to be Brigadd: in the following Order

                  1st: Brigade

1st: Battn: of Guards
23d: Regement |———— Commanded by
40th: Do            

                  2 Brigade

  4th: |              
15th: |—— Regts: |———— Commd: by Brigdr: Genl: Agnew
44th: |

                  3rd: Brigade

10th: |
27th: |—— Regts: |———— Command: by Lt: Conll: Markham
46th: |

                  4th: Brigade

17th: |
38      |—— Regts: |———— Commandd: by Lt: Conll: Mawhood
64      |          

Majr: Gen Vaughan will Command the 1st: & 3rd: Brigades
Majr: Genll: Gray will Command the 2nd: & 4th:  

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders] [13 June 1777]
         At all times the Battn: Marches the Qr: & Rr: Guard tents & poles are to be Carried by the Compy: the[y] belong to & must be Deliverd: Compleat When Ever the Regt: Arives at the Ground they are to halt at
         The Commandg: Offrs: of those guards to be Answerable the[y] are allways sent in time to be packd: with the rest of the Compnys: Baggage
         Serjt: Grant of Capt: Moystans Compy: is Appointed to do duty in Capt: Wemyss untill further Orders
         A Review of Arms Accoutterments And Necessareys to morrow morning At 9 Oclock — The Guards not to mount untill it is Over  

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders]   6 in the Evening
A Store being Provided in Brownswick for the Regt: the Lt: Conll: Desires what Ever Baggage the Offrs: may have that Can be Dispensd: with should be Lodged there, and it is the Commandr: in Cheif[s] Intention that nothing should be Carried but what is Absolutely Necessarey for An Active Campaign

Head Qrs: Middlebush 14th: June 77
An Evening Gun to be fired from Each Camp & a Revailie Beat at Day Breack in the morning
... The Men are to Erect sheds with Pailing & Bords — The Troops to be Readay to march on the shortest notice —
         It is the Commander in Cheifs positive Orders that all the Catle secured by the army by [sic] Immidiatley sent to the Commissarey General at Head Qrs: to be Equally Distrebuted to the army...  

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders]:   15th: June 77 —
         The Commanding Officer Desires the Non Commissd. offrs.. & men Doe immediatly Cook the two Days provision that was Issued Yesterday —
         The Commanding offr. recommends to the Gent. men who take this oppertunity of an Escort going to Brunswick not to send for any thing farther then Merely [a] Change of Necessarys  

Head Qrs: Middle Bush 15th: June 77
No Offr: soldier or followers of the Army (Publick Offrs: Exceptd:) are to go beyond the Advancd: posts without A pass from HeadQrs: —
Three days provision to the 19th: June to be Issud: Immediately to the Army in the rear of the Provincals: at Head Qrs: ...  

A[fter]:O[rders]: 11: Oclock at nig[ht]: 15th: June
         A working Party Consisting of 3 Field Offrs: 12 Capts: 26 Subaltrens and 1200 men, with Non Commissd: Offrs: in proportion to parade to morrow morning at day break on the road leading from Head Qrs: to Brounswick and Oppesate to the Encampment of the Provincial Train, 800 of the Number to bring with them their Camp Hatchetts for makeing Facines
         An Engineer will Attend to Conduct — The 40th: Regt: will be Exclud: in the datail  

After Orders Half past 12 [Middlebush June 16, 1777]
All Women & Children now with the Army are Immediately to be sent back to Brownswick, where Qrs: and the usal Quantity of provisions will be Allowed them, they will have an Oppertunity of going under the Escort from Middlebush this Evening at 7 Oclock... It is further Added that no woman or child do stay in camp nor follow the Army  

R[egimental]:O[rders] 16th: June 77
1 Subaltren   1 Serjt:   2 Corprs: & 30 Private for Picqt: this Evening / for Picq: this nigt: Lt: Morrison
         After Orders
A Detachment of 2 Capts:   4 Subaltrens 6 Serjts: 6 Corprs: & 100 Private being Orderd: from the Regt: they are to parade this Evening on the Regll: Parade at 1/4 before 7 Oclock — For the Above Detachment Capts: Adlam & Harris Lt: Campble   Ensn: Dennis Lt: Moore & Ensn: Smith —
         None of the Recruits that Joind: with Mr: Bontine to go on this Detachment  

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders]   17th: June 1777
It is with the Utmost surprize that the Lt:Conll: finds that neither the many fatall warnings they men have had nor A sense of their duty will prevent the Soldiers from Disgraceing themselves And Reg: by following the most shameful practice of Morodeing & plundering he therefore is Determd to punish in the most Exemplary manner the first man that is found Strgling from his camp or guilty of so Unmilitary Acrime, and requests the Offrs: will be perticualrey Attentive not to Over look so great an Offense
         The Rolls to be calld: Every hour in presence of the Commissd: Offr: and all Absent men to be Reported to the Capt: of the day who will make his [report] to the Commanding Ofr: in camp — All orders Relative to the men to be constantly read to them by An Offr: of A Compy: every Evening When the Arms are Inspectd: —
         Areview of Arms Accoutterments Amunition & Necessareys this Evening at 5 Oclock no man to be Absent
         The Articles of war to be read to the Regt: Afterwards

Head Qrs: Middle Bush 18th: June 1777
         All Waggons that have been taken from the Country Peoples by any part of the Army since they Left Brunswick and all Waggons in posion of Regiments over and above the allowance for this particular March Vizt. two pr. Regiment are to be Delivered up Immediately to the Waggon Master General at the Provision Trains Who will give Reciepts for them —
Two Days Bread and two Days pork being for the 20th: & 21st: will be Immediately Issued at the Provision Train near Head Quarters...  

After Genl: Orders Evening Gunn firig
                   18th: June 1777
         Order of March of the 2d: Division of the Army under the Command of His Excelancy Lt: Genl: De Hster —
                  To March by the Right by half Compys
                  Lt: Col: Twiseltons Corp of Light Infantry and Riffel Men on the Right flank
         71st: Regt: on the Left flank and in frunt of Column Grand[ier] Company of the Guards —
                  Two Grasshoppers
                  Battn: of Guards
                  3d: Brigd: of British
                  4th: Brigd: of British
                  2d: Brigd: of British
                  23d: and 40th Rigemts:
                  Hessian Brigade
A Rear Guard Composed of the Picqts. of the Army, having with them two Grasshoppers, from Lt: Col: Twiseltons Corps    

... The 23d & 40th Regmts move forward at Day Brake and take post on the same Grown they Did on the march from Brunswick and there Remain untill the Rear Guard Cums up when they are to join in the Line of March, Behind the 2d Brigad: of British — The Baggage Waggens in front of their Respectiv: Brigades — The Provision Waggons are to be Divided by the Qr:Mr:Genl: between the several Brigads — The Bagage of the Genl & staff Officers with the provisions to be in the rear of the betaln: of Guards — The Artilary to remain attatched to the same Corps as on on [sic] the march from Brunswick in the rear of the baggage wagons — The whole of the Baggage to be Compleetely Loded & Horses Harnished by two in the morning and that without the lest nois or Confusion — The Army to be in rediness to march by break of Day to form on their respective growns, and weight for orders to Call in their outposts & march Commanding officers of Corps and out posts to be Careful in preventing any unusual fires being made ...

A[fter]:R[egimental] O[rders] 10 at Night [18 June 1777]
the officers will have their baggage ready to be loded at half after one in the morning, which the Qr:Mr: will see propperly Don and that the Wagons and other Carts of the Regimt. fall in the line of march after the 2d Brigade of british —
The Regt. to prade Half after 2 in order to march Emediately after —  

Head Quarters Brunswick Camp 19 June 77
... The 17th. Regmt: of Dragoons 35 38 & 52 [regiments of] foot are to march to morrow by brake of Day to Amboy a Debuty Qr:Mr: Gnl. .. will giv them their ground
        The 35 & 52 [regiments will] Receiv 2 Days provision and Rum this afternoon at the Comasary Genl store — the 17th Dragoon & 38th Regt: receiv 2 Days rum the same time & place — The remainder of      the Army will Receiv tomorrow Provision & rum to ye 2d Inclusive…some Artilary flat Bote boat Cariges and Pontoones to be sent to Amboy by this Escort …

R[egimental]:O[rders] [19 June 1777]
... No more than 9 Mens Tents and 2 Offrs: Are to be Allowd: each Compy: Whatever more they have Must be Deliverd to the Qr:Mastr: with All spare Arms Accoutterments & Baggage in Order to be sent to N: York by the first Opportunity, from the Repeated: Losses & Disorders that have happend: in the Regll: store the Lt:Conll: is Compelld: to forbid any soldiers Wife Ever Entering there & Does Desire for the future that Nothing may be taken from thence but in presence of the Qr.Mr. ...  

Regll: Morning Orders 11 Oclock 20th June 77
        The men on no Account are to be sufferd: to go Singly or in A strgling manner for watter but to be marchd: Regularey by the Offr: of the day for it at 6 in the Morning   12 at noon & After Eveing Parade — The Commanding Offr Expects the the [sic] Provisions should be Dressd: that the men will provide greenes or Contrive to have something Warm Every day — The Cooks must be Regularey Paraded by the Non Commissd: [officers] for that duty who will be Answerable to the Visiting Offr: that Kettles are all Boiled at one place & time and he will make his report as formerley Orderd: ... The Corp[oral]s: off Duty are to Attend All Drills that they may Acquire Aperfect Knowledge how to Instruct Recruits or Others that want their Assistance …

Head Qrs: Brownswick 20th: June 77
        … Majr: Genll: Vaughan will proceed to morrow to Amboy under the Escort of Schuylers Battn: of Hession Gredrs: & take upon him the Commd: of the forces there
        Schuylers Battn: will parade to morrow at day break and march to Amboy to take up & Conduct the flat boat Cariges now at Bonam Town …
        All Advanced Posts are to be Constantly loaded & to save Cattridges as much as posable they are to be Carefully drawn as soon as the Men Come of[f] duty & the Powder and ball made up again —

A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders] [20 June 1777] The line is to march on Thursday ye: 12th: at three in the morning with their Guns Baggage and two days Provisions — The 55th: 2 Battns: of Anspack & Waldeck regts: are to remain at Amboy till further Orders, with two Lt: 12 Pounders & 2 Three pounders of [the] 71t: Regt: besides their own Regll: Guns, the line will march in Files by the Left / The Waggons will form the left Collum in A line with the Troops on their rigt: — The spare Waggons will be Brigaded by the Qr:Mr:Genll: in the Rear of the Baggage Waggons of each Regt:

                        Order of March
For Troops & Artilery ---- ]
Dismountd: Dragoons       ] in Front
Anspach Cheassowrs        ]
Brittish Riffele men     ----]

        Queens Rangers to flank the head of the Column of the right / Every Other Corps to have a small Flanking party on the right … [one or two pages following are missing]

Evening Regl: Orders 8 oClock 21st: June 77
         The Tents to be struck & Baggage ready to be loaded half past two — The same number of Waggons is allowed for the Regiment as was from Amboy
         Whenever the Regimt: arrives at the Ground it is to halt at, The Lieut:Col: requests that the Officers will be expeditious in having their mens tents pitched as soon as possible and not to stir from them till its done and their arms properly Lodged — The Tent poles & Camp Kettles to be carried by the men on the march
After Genl: Orders Gun Firing
Major Crage will take the Command of the Light Infantry in order to join Wemyss[‘]s Corps to morrow
        The Commander in Chief is determined to Execut on the Spot the first person belon[g]ing to the Army found guilty of setting fire, or plundreing any house barn or Office whatever …

Morn.g Ordrs: 22d: June 77
The Tents & Baggage of the Army to be Completely loaded by two in the Morning and the Baggage Waggons of Lieut: Genl: Earl Cornwallis Division to be drawn up on the Piscatawa side of the River by day break —
        The Baggage of the Commandr: in Chief & staff Officers to march in Front the British line of Waggons & not in the rear of the 2d: Battn: of Guards as directed in former orders of this day

R[egimental]:O[rders] [23 June 1777] No firelocks is ever to be Lodgd: or taken [out] of the bell tents but in presence of A Non Commissd Offr: or Pioneer of the Compy: who are to be Answerable that it is done in the Most Carefull manner —
         The rum is to be Deliverd: Regularey to ye: Compy: Every day at 12 Oclock Which the Offr: of the day is to see Mixd with three Watters as soon as Ever he Returns from the Wattering party & Mention in his report of the Messes Whether it was done or not …

M[orning].R[egimental].O[rders]: [24 June 1777] As a weekly Subsistence will be of Little or no use to the Soldiers during the active Part of the Campaign the Lieut:Col: hopes they will not Expect it but desires the Commg..Offrs.. of Companies will take care that their men are Supplied wt.. Soap, Tobacco & any Necessary Article they may want —
        The Companies are to report their Sick to the Surgeon every morning at Seven Oclock and none are to be returned as such but by his Directions & the first Man that is Detected Complaining without reason may Depend upon being tryed & punished as a worthless, Imposing Soldier …

Head Quarters Camp at Amboy 24th June 1777
         Parole.... Mons
The undermentioned Corps to hold themselves in readiness to Embark & to be Brigaded as follows.
         Queens Rangers
         Light Infantry
         British Grenadiers
         Brigade of Guards Commanded by Brigadr Mathews
                  1st Brigade of Infantry
4th —————|
23d                    |——— Major General Vaughan
28th                   |
49th   ————|
                  2d Brigade
5th —————|
10th                   |
27th                   |——— Major Genl. Grant
40th                   |
55th   ————|
                  3d Brigade
15th   ————|
42d                   |
42d                   |——— Major General Gray
44th                  |
71t    ————|
                  4th Brigade
33d   ————|
37th                  |——— Brigr: Genl: Agnew
46th                  |
64th  ————|
                  5th: Brigade
71st Regt   3 Battalions — Brigr: Genl: Leslie

The reserve to consist of 7th: 26th: British.
1st Battn: of Anspach & Fergusons Riffle Corps — Hessian Anspach Yaugers, third Battn of Hessian Grenadrs Commanded by Colo. Dunop —

                  Hessian Regiments
Du Corps —————|
Donops                        |——— Major Genl. Sterne
Mirbacks                    |
   Looses —————|  
Brigadier Genl. Cleaveland will receive his Orders for the Artillery from the Commander in Chief —
        His Excellency General De Heister having reported to the Commander in Chief that he has received orders to repair to his Court to Confer with his most Serene Highness the Landgrave of Hess Castle, The Command of the Hessian Troops upon his Excellencys departure will devolv on his Excellency Lieut. Genl. Kniphausen … Two days Provision to the 28th. Inclusive to be Issued to the Troops this eveing & tomorrow morning ...
        The Inspector to Appoint an Additional Hospital Mate to each of the Battns: of Light Infantry & British Grenadiers, who are to remain with these Corps till further orders.  

G[eneral]:A[fter]:O[rders] 7 At Nigt 25th: June 77
[Marching orders the night previous to the Short Hills battle]
         The Army when put in Motion will March in two Columns from the wrigt: by half compys: —

                  Order of March
For the right Column under the Commd of Lt: Genl: Cornwallis

Hessian Yaugers ———————|
Evals Compy: Exeptd                     | With one three poundr
Under the Command of                  |
Lt: Conll: Wurms———————|


                  Queens Rangers
1st: Ligt: Infantry       two three Pounders
2nd: British Gredrs: two 12: & two 6 pounders  

One half of the Corps of Pioneers & one Waggn: with Tools
Hessian Gredrs three Battns: six three poundr
Brigade of Guards — two 6 pounders —
2nd: Brigade British four 6 poundrs:
5th: Brigade British four 3 pounders  

17th: Dragoons & Mountd: Yaugars
                |— 7th: Regt: British            ————|
Reserve ——| Two Compy: Hessn: Gredrs:|— Two 6 poundr:
                |— 26th: Regt: British          ————|  

         Order of march for the left Column Under the Command of Majr: Genll: Vaughan

Evalls Compy of Hessian ——| one 3 poundr
and Anspach Yaugars      ——|
Fergusons Corps — One Amozet [ammusette]
2nd: Lt: Infantry — two 3 pounders
2nd: British Gredrs: two 6 & 2 three pound
Half the Corps of Pioneers wh: one Waggon & Tools
1st: Brigade British two 12 & Two 6 poundr:
4th: Brigade British four 6 pounders
3rd: Brig: British     two 6 pounders
16 Dragoons
                |—— 38th: Regt: ——|
Reserve ——| Looses Battn: |—— four 6 & two 3 poundrs
                |—— 35th: British |

The Waggons of the rigt: Column to follow the 17th: Dragoons in the following Ordr
         The Genll: Offrs: Waggons then the Hospll: Waggons, followd: by the Regts: Waggons Agreeable to the Order of March of their Respective Corps —
         The Waggons of the left Column led by those of the Commandr: in Cheif And Staff Offrs: to follow the 16th: Dragoons in the same order as those Dividd: of Ye: right Column —
         Two Waggons to be Allowed on the march to each Regt: of Dragoons & Two to each Battn: of Infantry wh: four horses to Each — One Waggon to Carry the Offrs: Provision & two days Rum for the Men the Other to be A spare Waggon & Kept Empty —
         The Whole to take their Camp Kettles with them & the Commandg Offrs: will take care that they are properly fixd: upon the men & not Carried in their hands they are to leave their Knapsacks at wt: the Baggage & Carry wt: them three days provision & One days rum —
         None but the Lt: Infantry & Flankers to be loaded on this march — The Commanding Offrs: will take care that this Order is strictly Observd: till the Order[s] for loading are given —
... All the Women and Children are to remain with the Baggage ...

[Following the Battle of the Short Hills]
        Camp Westfield 27th: June 1777
… The Troops under the Commd: of Lt: Genll: Earl Cornwallis are Immediate[l]y to get under Arms & be in Readiness to March by the left in the follow.g Order —
                                Genll: Leslies Brigade
                                Mountd: Yaugers
                                One Squadrun of 17th: Dragoons
                                Baggage Waggons
                                One Squadrun 17th: Dragoons
                                2nd: Brigade
                                Hession & British Grdrs
                                Ligt: Infantrey
                                Wemyss Corps
        The 12 pounders at the head of the British Gredrs: & the Battn: Guns on the left of their Respective Battns:

Head Qrs: Camp Near Raway 27th: June
The Commandr: thanks all the Offrs: and men that were yesterday Ingagd: Particularay the Gaurds[,] 1st: Battn: Gredrs:[,] 1st Battn: [Light] Infa[antr]y:[,] The Yaugers[,] Conll: Mingrod and his Battn
The Animatd: and Spirited good will of the troops in Genll: in their Endeavour by A forced: march to reach the Enemy does the men Infinate Credit & honour and Maintains that Just & Markd: Superiority they have Constantly Maint[aine]d over them —
        Conll: Donop of the Hession Grendr [grenadiers] haveing been Omittd: in the publick thanks of this Day —
        The Commdr: in Chief Desires that his perticular thanks may be given to Conll Donop & the Hession Grdrs: for their Very Spiritd: beheavour as Reportd to him by Lt: Genll: Earl Cornwallis And the Genll: Also Desires that his thanks may be given to the Offrs: And men of the Royal Artillery that were Yesterday Engaged
        The Baggage to be Completely loaded to morrow morning by day break And the Army to form & Wait for Orders —
        The troops to Observe the same Order of march to morrow that was given them this day …
        The Commanding Offrs of Corps will take care that all Cattle Collectd On this March are Deliverd Over to the Commissary Genll: on the Arrival of the Army on their next Ground in order that an Equal Distribution may be made … An Extraordenary days rum to be Immediately Issued to the troops —

Head Qrs: Camp Near Amboy 28th: June 1777
                 Parole London
         The sick & Wounded to be Immediately put on board the Hospll: ships A Surgeon will Attend to receive them at the ferry —
         Four days provisions to be Immediately Issued to the Regts: that Crossd the ferry this day & to morrow to the rest of the Army will receive [sic] four days provisions between the hour of 6 in the morning & 12 at noon —  

R[egimental]:O[rders] [28 June 1777] The Obediant & Orderly beheavour of the Regt: on this last March is so Extreamley pleasure[able] to the Lt:Conll: Musgrave that he thinks it his duty to Express his Intire Approbation of it & Asures both Offrs: And men that he will Ever be happy to give Every Idulgance in his power when ever The[y] are ever so Deserving of it… A Review of arms accouterments & Ammunition to morrow morning at ten Oclock — Returns to be given in Immediately afterwards of the Defficiencies Wanting to Compleat to the Establishment —

Head Qrs: 28th: June 1777
After Orders
Those Corps who have not Already Deliverd: up their Cattle to the Commissary Genl: Agreeable to the Orders of yesterday are Immediately to send them to Amboy near the Magazine & take Receipts for them, The Commissary will make Areturn as soon as possable to the Qr: Mr: Genl for Information of the Commdr: in Chief of the numbr: of Cattle he has Receivd: and from what Corps that Afare Distribution to the troops may Immediately follow & payment be Orderd: by the Qr: Mr: Genll: to such of the owners as may be freinds to government —
After Orders 7 Oclock [28 June]
All heavy Baggage Remaining on the Amboy side of the Watter is to be Transported to Staten Island —
        All Extra horses & Waggons in pocession of the Differant Corps are to be sent this Evening to the park near the Qr: Mr: Genll: Q[uarte]rs: where a proper person will be to receive them —
        All horses belonging to the Differant Regts: or Corps are to be at the Watter side in Readiness to embark to morrow morning at day break

R[egimental]:O[rders] [28 June 1777] The Offrs: will have their horses ready to be sent off Agreeable to the Above Orders / two careful men will be sent to take charge of them …

R[egimental]: Morning Orders [29 June 1777] As there will be some of the Regll: Taylors left at York, it is Recommended to the Offrs: who may have Any work to be done to give their measures & Directions to Saml: [or James] Morrison who goes there to morrow morning that it may be furnishd: before the cloathing Arrives as nothing can be done Afterwards …

A[fter]:G[eneral]:O[rders] 10 Oclock 29th: June 77
        The Corps on the Amboy side are Immediately to give in to the Adjt: Genll: Embarkation Returns that boats may be providd accordingly to Carry them Over the ferry

Morning Orders 9 Oclock [30 June 1777]
A Guard Consisting of A Capt: 2sub[altern]s [and] 40 men with non Commssd Offrs: in proportion from ye: 28th Regt: to parade Immediately at Billops Ferry there to Attend the present Embarkation of the troops, horses & Baggage …

Head Qrs: Camp Near Amboy 29th June 77
… The 4th: 15th: 33rd: 27th: 44th: & 64th: Regts: will as soon as they have Crossd: the ferry march to their ground of Encampment on Staten Island having their gunns on the Other side under the Charge of an Offr: of Artillery to be Apointd by Brigdr: Genll Cleaveland —

R[egimental]:O[rders, 29 or 30 June 1777] The Offrs: to have their Baggage ready packd: up this Afternoon in order to go by the Waggons to Staten Island, this being the last Opportunity they will have of sending it off …

G[[eneral]:A[fter]:O[rders] 7 Oclock 29th.June 77
        The Que[e]ns Rangers & Farguson’s Corps are to Embark with the 5th Brigade — The Corps of Pioneers will Cross over this Evening to Staten Island w[h]ere they will Receive further orders …

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 1st: July 1777
        No horsace or Cattle belonging Regimnt to be Allowd: to Graze in Any of the Meadowes forrage … will be provided the Qr: Mr: Genll: —
        Commanding Offrs: of Compys: will give in Areturn of what Necessareys may be wanting for their Respective Compys: —

Head Qrs: Richmond 1st: July 1777
… It having been Signifyd: from the War Office that many of the Corps have not Transmitd: the Usual Certificates requird: by His Majes[ties] Regulation spacifying the Receipts of their Cloathing without which the Cloathing Board is not Authorized & Allow the off Reckoning, the Commanding Offrs: of Corps are therefore Requird: to Comply with his Majesteys Orders on this head by sending Certificates for the Years Omittd: to the Secratarys Office that they be Signd: and do the same in future as the Cloathing for each Year Respectively shall be recievd: & put on —

B[rigade]:O[rders, 1 July 1777]
… The Extra Baggage & sick of ye Brigade are to be sent Immediately to Coles ferry under the charge of An Offr: of the Brigade …

         After Orders by Lt:Genll: Earl Cornwallis
Head Qrs: Richmond 1st: July 1777
         The Army will march tomorrow Morning at what ever hour the Offrs Commanding Brigades or Corps shall think proper to Direct, by the shortest & Most conveaniant roads, to the heights near Coals ferry, Observing that in case Any two Corps should meet upon the same road, the senior Brigage or Corps is to laid, each Corps to send forward their Qr:Masr: & Camp Colour men An hour before they march to take up their ground & pitch their Camp Colours — B:O   The Brigade to March at 5 in the morning the baggage waggons of each Regt to march in front of their Respective Regts: —

A[fter]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 10 at nigt:
         The Tents to be struck & the Waggons loaded by 4 to morrow morning if the Wether is fare — The men to carry their tent poles & Camp Kettles
         The Offrs: will see that the latter Are properly slung Agreable to A former Order  

                 2nd: July 1777
… It is Desird: the Commandg: Offrs: of Compys: will take this Opportunity of sending for what ever Necessarys they may want for their Men

                                                                2d July 77
Head Quars Bankers House, Staten Island
… Three days provisions to be isued to the Troops to morrow Morning

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rders] 3rd: July 1777
        When the Regt: Embarks, the Compys: will be Desposed: of as f[o]llows Vizt: — On board the mryth Lt: Connlls: — Capt: Montgomery[s], Harris[e]s, Moystans, & 30 Men of Capt: Wemysss [companies]
        On board the Tryal the Majrs:, Capt: Adlams, Bamfords, & Remaining part of Capt: Wemysss — The surgion goes with the Lt: Conll: — The Qr:Mr: & surgions mate with the Majr: — Stoppers to be provided Immediately for the Mens fire locks that will Allow the Bayonet to fix Over them —

Head Qrs: Bankes House Staten Iseland 3rd: July 1777
… The Different Corps of the Army will Deliver in to morrow by 9 Oclock to the Qr:Mr: Genll: at the provision trane parks all horse suplid: by his Dapartment for Waggons or Otherwise, each corps to Account for the horses they cant produce —
        Each Corps to carry the whole of their Waggons & Harness on Board of thier Respective Transports, Instead of the four Mentiond in former orders —
        All extra Waggons to be sent in at the same time with ye: Horses —

After G[eneral]:O[rders]: 8 at Night 3d July 1777
        Each Corps will put on Board their Respective Transports all their Waggons and Harness by 5 oClock to morrow Morning, The Boats belonging to those ships will have orders to be at the most Convenient places to their Encampment at that hour, Those belonging to the Corps Encamped at the Flag Staff and Near the Narrows will be at Seimens Ferry, Those of the Corps near to Coles, will be at his Wharf, Those nigh the Watering place will be at the great Tree, Those of the Corps nigh to Ryesons Ferry will be at his Wharf, and the Light Infantry Transport Boats will be at or near Deckers Ferry, after leaving their Waggons at the above places, The horses are agreeable to this days orders to be sent to the Qr:Mr: Genl:

Head Qrs: N: York 3rd: July 77
...The 17th: Dragoons will do no duty and to hold themselves in Readiness to Embark at the shortest notice — On Application to the Donation store Wellsh Wharf Albany pier each British & Hession Battn: to Receive three pipes of Madeira wine … which is to pd: for when Deliverd: —

R[egimental]:O[rders, 3rd, 4th, or 5th July 1777]
... The Regiment to parade to Morrow Morning at Ten oClock for Devine Service
        The Qr:Mr: will for the future stop Issuing Rum to all men who are in the Surgeons Sick Report

M[orning]:R[egimental]:O[rde]rs. 6th: July 1777 —
         Those Companys who are not Compleat in Trowsers — the Commanding officers of which are Desired to take the first oppertunity of sending for Cloath in order that they may be made up with all Dispatch
         Any of the officers that wish to take more Baggage then they have with them, May send their Servants for it this Evening with a party that is ordered for that purpose —

Head Quarters Bankers House 6th July 77
… The Troops under orders are to be in readiness to Embark on Tuesday nixt except the Light Infantry British and Hessian Grenadiers and all the foot Yaughers who are to Embark the day following …

Head Qrs: Bankers house 7th. July 1777
… The troops to Embark to morrow in the following order between Coles ferry & the Qr:Mr: Genlls: Qrs:
                                                                1st: Embarkation
Brigade of guards & 1st: Brigade of British at at [sic] 6 Oclock —

                                                                2nd: Embarkation
2nd: Brigade with the 15th: & 17th: Regts: at 8 Oclock

                                                                3rd: Embarkation
42nd: 4th: [regiments] & 4th: Brigade at 11 Oclock —

                                                                4th: Embarkation
The 5th: Brigade w[i]t[h]: reserve Viz 7th: & 26th: British & 1st: Battn: Anspach at 4 Oclock in the After Noon — Each Corps to have their tents struck their Baggage packd: up & Carried to the Beach nearest their several Emcampts. an hour before their time of Embarkation
         They are to be left under A guard at the Watter side until their Transports long boats Can be sent for them —
        The Battn: Loos Queens Rangers and Fergusons Corps & Pioniers are to Embark on Wensday wt: the Light Infantry & Grendrs.
        No Offr: is not to presume to take Any horses on board Above the number Allowed them in Genll: Orders …

Regll: Orders [7? July 1777] The tents to be struck to morrow Morning at 6 Oclock & Carefully packd: up
         The Offrs: Baggage to be ready at that hour to be sent on board …

        Morng: Regl Orders 19th. July 1777
        Whenever the ship is under sail the Non Commission’d Officers and men are to be Divided into four Watches, one of Which with a Subaln. Is constantly to remain on Deck Day and Night, furnish the Necessary Centries and take the Usual Duty of the Ship —
        A Capn. Will Visit between Decks every Wednesday Morning to see they are thoroughly Cleaned & Springled with Vinegar, and that the Arms & Accoutrements are Securly & Safly hung up …

R[egimental]:O[rders] 10th: July 77
        The Compys: who are Diffiechent in Camp Kettles are Immediately to Replace them or be Accountable for the loss —
        Each Compy: will give in to morrow 6 of their worst Coats, in order to be Repaird: / Those Compys: on bord the Myrtle to the Qr:Mr: Serjt: & those [on] board the Tryall to the Qr:Mr: —

Head Qrs: Staten Island 8th: July 77
[illegible sentence] … on board the transports are to be at Coals ferry at 5 Oclock this After noon w[h]ere there will be Skows ready to receive them
        The remainder of troops under orders for Embarkation are to Embark to morrow Morning Acording to the following ordr: between Coals ferry & the Wattering place

                                1st: Embarkation
Hession Grendrs: Loos Battn: & [Jaegers?] at 6 in the Morning —

                                2nd: Embarkation
British Grdrs: Queens Rangers and Corps of pioniers at half past 7

                                3rd: Embarkation
Lt: Infantry & Fergusons Corps at half past 9 — the 16th: Dragoons are Also to Embark at 5 in the Morning faceing the Qr:Mr: Genlls: Qrs: — The tents & Baggage of those Corps to be at the watter side an hour before their repective Embarkations
        Brigdr: Genll: Skinner who Commands the troops left on Staten Island, will take pocession of the several Redoubts And place the proper Guard for the security of his Camps to morrow morning …
        Genll: Offrs: horses to be Embarkd: to morrow Afternoon at Coals ferry
        Three days provisions from the 9th: to the 12th: Inst: to be Isued to the troops that remain on the Iseland to Morrow morning at 6 Oclock …

Head Qrs: N: York 7th: July 1777
Leut: Dawson 38th: Regt: not haveing been permittd: by the Rebbles to Execute the duty he was sent upon to New Haven for the Relief of all prisoners of War, takeing by them, the Regt: will Receive from him the sums of money & Cloathing they Respectively Deliverd: into his charge —
        Boats will providd: at 5 Oclock in the morning to conduct they Recruits lately Arrivd: to their Regts: …

Head Qrs: N: York 10th. July 77
Leiut: Genll: Sr: Heny: Clinton in the Abstence of the commdr: in Chief will take upon him the commd: of N: York Iseland & posts depending, of Kingsbridge, Long Iseland, Staten Iseland, Powles hook And Rhoad Iseland, All reports & returns are Consequently to be made to him fm: the several Departments for his fullest Information …

R[egimental]:O[rders] 24th: July 1777
... No fresh Watter to be Issud: on any Account for washing linnen without Express leave from the Commanding Offr:
         The first woman detected doing it will be struck of[f] the provision list And not suffered to goe with the Regt: hereafter — The Non Commissd: Offr: of the Watch are to be Answerable that this Order is strictly Complid: with

        Genll: Orders Continued 10th: July 1777
George Hartley private soldr: in His Majestys 60th: or Royal American Regt:, Tried: by the Genll: Court Martial of which Majr: Sill was presidiant off, for Theft and Desertion is Acquited of the Charge of theft, but found guilty of leaveing his guard and sentenced to Receive 300 Lashes
        The Commdr: in chief Aproves of the sentence but is pleased to Remitt the punishment Adj[udge]d: the prisoner Geo: Hartley and to Order him to be sent to his Detachment …

Head Qrs: N: York 11th: July 1777
        The Commanding Offrs: of Regts: will Induldge they men with goeing on shoare as they shall think proper and it is Expected that the soldrs: who are so Induldged will be particularry carefull of the transport boats of which Anon commissd: Offr: is to take charge & be responsable for —
        The greatest care is to be taken in stowing the flat boats on board and ther Commanding Offrs: of Transports will Direct that nothing is put into them that can Eitheir strain or Damage them …

Head Qrs: N: York 12th: July 1777
All Offrs: belonging to Regts: Embarked to be on board Monday the 14th: Inst: After which no Offr: is to be absent from his ship without perticular leave from the Commandr: in Chief —
        The 7th. 26th: 35th: 38th: B: Regts: [and] those of Anspach Hoylers, are to proceed to morrow to N: York, those Already Embarked will Come in their own Transports, boats will be provided for the Other[s], and Capt: Robbenson Assistant Qr:Mr: Genll: will Atend to Embark them, upon their Arrival at N: York they will receive further orders —
        They men fitt for service of the 14th: Regt: are to be Drafted to morrow at 10 Oclock upon the Genll: Parade / the 7th: Regt: will receive 40 the Remainder: are to be Divided between the 10th: 17th: 26th: 27th: & 55th: Regts: — An Offr: from [each] of those Regts: is to Attend to Receive drafts And the Mens Accompts [accounts] which are to be made up to the 24th: June / The Drafts are to take their arms & Accoutterments with them …

Head Qrs: N: York 15th: July 77
Orders by the Commandr: in Chief
Majr: Genll: Jones is Appointd: in the Abstence of Majr: Genll: Pigott Commadtt: of N: York and posts Depending …

         Head Qrs: N: York 16th: July 1777
Orders by the Commandr: in chief all Recruits Drafts & Deserters to be forwarded to their Respective Regts:, those of the 71st: Regt: Exceptd who are to be landed here, they will receive further orders
        The Troops Embarked are to prepare Embarkation Returns, Specifying their Effective Numbers of Offrs: and men to be given in when Called for —
         The men not to be Allowed to go into the flat boats while on board and the greatest care to be taken of them
        All the Convalseants with their Non Commissd: Offrs: And An Hosp[ita]ll: mate to Assemble on the Genll: parade at 6 Oclock fryday morning And proceed Immediately to powles Hook, boat[s] will be provided for them at the kings Wharf north River …

[After the landing of the British army at the head of the Chesapeake]

Head Qrs: Near Elk Ferry 15th: [25th?] August 77
        Each Battn: of the line to post their Picq[ue]t: this Evening in their front of A Subbaltern & 23 men — they are to be [illegible word] by A Feild Offr: Who is to give the Necessary [orders?] for posting them —
         Each Brigde: to mount a small guard over the Cattle which they shall Collect Untill they are deliverd: Over to the Commissary Genll: for the use of the Army —
        Untill further orders the Command in Cheifs guard is to Consist of a sub[altern] And 25 Men to be Relievd: Every morning at 8 — The Commandg: Offr: of Artillery will Order An Evening gun to be fired Every Evening at sun sett —

[date unknown; sometime between 25 and 26 August 1777]
        Two days Rum to be issued to the [men?] to Morrow Morning from 8 to 10 at the ferry — majr: B Lewis isto do Duty with the two Battns: of Grenediers
        The Lt: Infantry and the Lt: Troops are to send Orderley Offrs: for Orders —

Head Qrs.. Near Elk Ferry 26th: Augt. 77
         The following Corps to be in Readiness to march from the Right by half Compys. without Beat of Drum to morrow morning at 3 OClock in the following order Vizt. Infantry Yaugers with an offr: and 12 Moun[ted men,] Two Battalions British Light Infantry with the Qns: Rangers and Fergusons Corps —
        British Granadiers 1st: Brigade of Artillary Hession Granrs: Foot Guards —
         First and 2d: Brigades of British — Baggage of the Genl: and staff Offrs: — Hospital Waggons and a Waggon with Engineers Tools
        Three Troops of 16th: Dragoons with all their Dismounted [men] — Mounted & Dismou[nt]d: Yaugers — Three Battalions of 71st: Regimt: — An Offr: from each of these Battalions is to attend the Qr:Mr: General for orders to Morrow Morning at Three — The Picquts: to be Called [back?] by their Respective Corps When they Receive orders to Move — The Remaining Troops will Continue here under the Command of his Excellancy Lt. Genl: Kniphausen till further orders Vizt 3d: Brigade of Arti[iller]y: [the] Remainder of [the] 16th: Dragoons 3d: & 4th: Brigade British and Brigade of Stirne … Commanding Offrs: are to have their Rolls of their Respective Corps Immediately Called to Examin their men’s Knapsacks and Haversacks and Confine and Report to Head Quarters Every man In possession of plundr: of aney kind —
        Ome Woman pr: Company is permitd to Land — Companys of 100 Establishment are allowed two —
        Offrs: Commanding advanced posts are on no Account to suffer aney man to stragle beyond their out Centries —
        Field Offr: for Picqt: this Evening Lt: Col: Walcott — The New Picqts: when the Army Marches are to Parade and to be posted as soon as the Army Comes to its Ground — Each Corps to have out a flanking Party on the March —

        Morning O[rders]. 27th: Augt: three Oclock
        The March of the troops this Morning is Countremand[ed] upon account of the Baddness of the Weather and the Commander In Chief is pleased to Order an Extra Days Rum to be Issued to the Army this fore noon
        6 in the Morning Those Corps that Were to March this Morning are to Receive two Days Pork and Breadand one Days Rum this fore Noon at the ferry …

Head Qrs: Near Elks Ferry 27th: Augt: 77
         The Troops under orders for Marchg. Are Immediately to send for their Bell Tents, and a few Private tents for their Offrs: until their own Marques can be Landed -
        A Proportion of Waggons will be Distributed by the Qr: Master General to the Differant Corps this after Noon at the Ferry
        The 2d. Battn: of Light Infantry is to move this Afternoon at five and joine the 1st. Battn. at which time Lt: Genl: Kniphausen will please to Advance his Picquet
        Each Light Corps when posted for the security of the camp is to send an orderly Non Commissd. officer to Head Quarters - Commd.g Offrs. Of Corps are not to suffer their men to Straggle from Camp
         The Troops to be Left under the Command of Lt: Genl: Kniphausen are to Land their mens Tents and Kittles - The officers will make youst of Mens tents untill their own Can be ordered on shore -
        Capt: Alexr: Campbell of the Royal Highland Emegrants is appointed Ferryer Dei La Coure [?] in the Room of Mr Croa Who is appointed to a command of a Black Company …

R[egimental] Orders 2 Oclock [27 August 1777]
        The Qr: Master is Immediately to bring On shore the Bell Tents one Private Tent [for] a Captain and another [private or common soldiers’ tent] for the Subaltrons of Each Company - No Bedding or Spare Baggage to be Carr[ie]d: the Allowance of Waggons not permiting of it

        Head Quarters - Head of Elk 28th: Augt: [1777]
        Until further Orders each Battaln. of the line is to mount a Subn. & 30 Men - They are to Posted by the Field Offrs: of Corps Who are to give Orders for their being Properly Visited Dureing the Night -
        When there is any thing Extraordinary they are to Report to Lt. Gl. Earl Cornwallis - The Troops are to Receive Provisions to Morrow fore Noon at the [several illegible words] to the first of Sept. inclusive -
        All Cattle Collected by the Different Cores are to be sent to Head Quarters tomorrow Morning by 7 Oclock - A Commissary will be there to Receive them & give Receipts for them -
        Untill further Orders the 71st. Regt. is to take the Commissary Genls. Cattle Guard Consisting of A subaltern & 30 Men who are to Continue on that Duty till further orders -
        A Guard of a Sub[altern] & 30 Men to Mount immediately at the landing Place to Receive their Orders from Maj[or] Brown D[eputy]: Q[uarter]: M[aster]: G[eneral]:

… All out Centries are to be Doubled - no party to be sent from Camp without an officer -

R[egimental]: O[rders, 28 August 1777] … no man to stir from Camp without Leave - the Rolls to be Constantly Called every two hours all absentees to be Reported to the Captn: of the Day -
         The partys for Water Vegetable[s] &ca to be paraded as formerly ordered & all was to be Regularly Marched by the Subn. of the Day to & from Camp -
        The Picqts: to be Visited at least twice between the hours of nine at night & Revailea beating in the morning -

[Except for a single page bearing clothing accounts for several men, here ends the 40th Regiment order book. It is not known how the book came into American hands.]

Source: Captured British Army Orderly Book [40th Regiment of Foot] April 20, 1777 to August 28, 1777, George Washington Papers, series 6B, vol. 1, reel 117. Photo images of the Orderly Book are available online.

Roster of Captain William Wolfe’s Light Company, 40th Regiment

Compiled by John U. Rees
from Muster Rolls of Captain William Wolfe's Light Infantry Company,
His Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot

Available online