Diary and Correspondence Transcriptions

by Bob McDonald
© 2001, 2002, 2007
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- Index of Continental Army Enlisted Men's Diaries
  - Diary Transcriptions:
          "Thro Mud & Mire Into The Woods"
        The Diary of Sergeant John Smith, 1st Rhode Island Regiment:
        July 18, 1777 - January 9, 1778
          A Special Guest Transcription by Liz Tait:
        "In High Spirits and Full of Fight "
        The Diary of Chaplain Andrew Hunter, New Jersey Brigade :
        July 22 - November 24, 1776 & June 18 - October 1, 1779
  - Correspondence Transcriptions:
          "They Behaved Like Soldiers Who Fought From Principle Alone"
        The Battle of Harlem Heights
        Captain John Chilton, 3d Virginia Regiment
          "Our Troops Went On In A Trott"
        The Battle Of Brandywine
         Brigadier General George Weedon