Extracts from the Journal of HMS Tartar,
Captain Cornthwaite Ommanney

Octobr 1776
Fryday 25 At Single Anchor in the North River
at Sun Rise the Enemy opend a battery near Dobbs Ferry and began firing on us, which we return'd and continued till ½ pt 7 when we weighed and dropt farther to the Northwd   one of the Enemys Shot splinter'd the Head of the Capston and some of the runing Riging was Cut    at ½ pt 8 came too in 7 fm with the small Br abreast of Terry Town    it bearing Et & Sweetlings Ferry SBW Slaughters land N½E veered to 1/3 a Cable

1Taken from Naval Documents of The American Revolution, Volume 6: American Theatre: Aug. 1, 1776 - Oct. 31, 1776. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1972. Source document: PRO, Admiralty 51/972.