Notes to Users

1. On 'lumping' and 'splitting': This list endeavors to provide information on the smallest of skirmishes. To this end, we have 'split-out' small engagements that many authors 'lump' into bigger battles. Our goal is to document all confrontations between the parties, even those where shots were not fired. If the two parties met, sized each other up, and choose not to fight we want it recorded.

2. On dates: No two sources seem to agree on the date for any battle, even primary sources. I have chosen to stick with the dates used by sources I trust. Comparing the dates used in this list with the referenced sources and links will result in differences. The other choice was to list each battle several times, under the date used by each source. This didn't seem logical, the battle only occurred once.

3. Many of the Links are to long documents, and the relevant part is only a small part of it. You can speed your search if you use your browsers search tool and the battle name (or part of the name). For Internet Explorer: On the Edit Menu, use the "Find on This Page" tool. Firefox and the others have a similar tool.

4. The compilers cannot attest to the accuracy of linked sites, since they are beyond our editorial control. We have tried to use material that on the surface seems to fit the parameters of the battle. If you find something that is factually wrong, please let us know and we'll remove it.

Last Updated: 27 January 2010